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At the age of 90, artist Faith Ringgold still speaks of her heart

15 years Glenstone, Private Museum of Contemporary Art Maryland only exhibits the collections of its founders, Mitchell Rales and Emily Way Lares. Now the museum is ready to make an exception.

Glenstone will open “Face Ring Gold” on April 8th, a survey of more than 70 works by artists known for story quilts. This is a patchwork tableau like “Tar Beach” in 1988, which recorded scenes of black history, hope and protest. The exhibition is the only stop in the United States for the show, which was held at the Serpentine Gallery in London two years ago and was later acclaimed when visiting Sweden’s Build Museat.

Raon felt that she and her husband, who began collecting Ringgold’s work, were “blown away” within the serpentine exhibit and forced to bring it to the Washington area. Told. “In the past, no one paid much attention to her work, but now she’s finally deadline,” Lares said of the 90-year-old artist. “We couldn’t miss the chance to get it.”

The Glenstone version is larger than the previous version, and the gallery is dedicated to Ringgold’s soft and sculptural works and installations, with a series of colorful and abstract paintings never before exhibited. For those unfamiliar with this once overlooked artist, “Face Ring Gold” reminds us of how difficult it was for black women to join the New York art scene in the early 1960s.

Born in Harlem in 1930, Ringgold grew up in a rich cultural stew with Duke Ellington as his neighbor and jazz musician Sonny Rollins as his childhood friend. A daughter of a car company executive and fashion designer, she embraced art early on, using easels and paints from her parents. However, when she applied to study arts at City College in 1948, she was told that only men could earn a degree and her only workaround was to major in arts education. She did so, raising two daughters and teaching art at a public high school in New York, developing her own artistic practices.

At the age of 90, artist Faith Ringgold still speaks of her heart

Source link At the age of 90, artist Faith Ringgold still speaks of her heart

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