At Washington Airports and Hotels: Anxiety and Strict Security

Prior to the riots, United Airlines moved its crew from downtown Washington hotels to increase staff at regional airports. The airline has worked with law enforcement agencies, including the Transportation Security Administration and the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

On Wednesday, American Airlines banned alcohol in first class on flights from Washington. (Last year, due to a pandemic, the airline stopped serving alcohol in the main cabin.)

Saranelson, president of the Flight Attendants Association, which represents the flight attendants of 17 airlines, called for rebels to be banned from flying from Washington, TSA, Department of Homeland Security, Federal Aviation Administration, Ministry of Transport and Other law enforcement agencies “keep all issues on the ground.”

“Some of the people who traveled by plane yesterday participated in the riots at the Capitol,” Nelson said in a statement. “Their violent and sedition behavior in the Capitol today raises further concerns about their departure from the Washington, DC region. Our democracy, our government, and Americans fly. Actions that go against the freedom we insist on because we must disqualify these individuals from their freedom.

Julie Hedrick, chairman of the Professional Flight Attendants Association, a union representing American Airlines flight attendants, said there were multiple incidents on a flight to Washington this week.

“Flight attendants were forced to confront passengers who showed politically motivated aggression against other passengers and crew,” she said in a statement. “This behavior is unacceptable and flight attendants do not have to deal with these terrible incidents.”

A spokeswoman told the Times on Thursday night that “non-mask compliant, violent and controversial” passengers harassed the crew on an Alaska Airlines flight from Dulles to Seattle. These passengers are prohibited from flying with airlines in the future.

At Washington Airports and Hotels: Anxiety and Strict Security

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