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One of the cool things about high school sports is that things don’t always follow the script. Quotations often attributed to early legendary sports writer Damon Lannion (actually from his fellow sports writer Hugh Keough) do not necessarily mean that the race will take place quickly. No, it will not be a battle with the strong man. But that’s the way to bet.

For example, take a thrower in athletics. On the men’s side, they are usually two or three athletes, the other sport is soccer, and probably wrestling. They are the lineman type of football, big, strong, well tuned and often wide.

This year’s Division II State Champion of Shot Put and Discus, Sam Hala’ufia, is certainly a perfect depiction of the athlete. (In fact, he fits the description of two of those athletes.) But the guy who finished second in the state with a discus (fourth with a shot put) is fun and unique.

Flowing Wells Junior Richard Regala doesn’t play soccer and he doesn’t fight. He is playing basketball. At 6 feet 5 inches and 180 pounds, he isn’t built like a javelin throw. He is made like a javelin throw.

“Yes,” he admits. “I’m always kind and tall (slender), but I really enjoy throwing. There are many techniques to get into it.”

Hala’ufia uncorked a crazy 190-foot player to win the discus title, but he’s also a senior. That is, Legarra may be the heir. Caballero threw 159 minutes 11 seconds. “

“It’s frustrating to get something very close to the next level (160 feet) out there. It wasn’t my best encounter.” (State competitions are rare for any athlete. They , We will hold 8-10 tournaments during the best season. It is unlikely that it will be held in the state.)

“I’ll get it next year.”

What he is working on right now for next year is basketball. The recent phrase “Flowing Wells Basketball” automatically reminds me of a women’s team that has participated in three consecutive state championships. Legarra recognizes that girls get a lot of attention and deserve it. “But next year will be fine. My fourth grade wants to be a special year in both sports.”

Flowing Wells will drop from 5A to 4A next year, but it’s unclear if that will help. Last year the cab had to fight Marana, Mountainview, Ironwood Ridge and Buena, but this year it will be in the area with Sawaro, Pueblo, Salpoint and Canyon del Oro. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

Regala is preparing, but he is on a unique path. He disagrees with the whole nonsense of club basketball. “I know all these guys who say you have to do it to get better, but it’s not for me. I can work hard and get to where I want to go.

“People will probably look at me and tell me there is no way I can be a (state-level) thrower, but I do. I just believe.”

Athlete of the Week: Flowing Well’s Richard Legarra | Explore Wellness Source link Athlete of the Week: Flowing Well’s Richard Legarra | Explore Wellness

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