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Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-10-12 21:45:00 –

New York >> Natasha Cloud saw his wife, Alesia Ocasio, win the Athlete Unlimited softball title this summer. And now you have a chance to win her own championship in the winter.

Cloud will be part of the new Athletes Unlimited Basketball League, which will debut in January.

“I’ve seen it really dope from the first (softball) league,” a Washington Mystics guard said in a telephone interview. “My wife just won everything this past season and it was great.”

The basketball league will be attended by 44 players, including Cloud and former WNBA players Sydney Colson and Tireing. All three are on the league’s executive council. The season runs from January 29th to February 28th in the same city. Players earn points weekly based on team results and some individual statistics. At the end of the week, four major players will draft the team for the next week’s game.

“70-80% comes from team performance based on quarter wins and game wins,” said Jon Patricof, co-founder / CEO of Athletes Unlimited. “Today’s fans care about individual players, free agencies and mobile teams very quickly. Among young fans, this format works very well.”

The rules are similar to WNBA. Forty-four players can win over $ 1 million and the winner will receive about $ 50,000. The league is still finalizing the city where the game will take place.

In addition to keeping her wife from having full family bragging rights, being able to play at home during the six and a half week season was fascinating to Cloud.

“I’ve played abroad, but that’s not what I want to do,” she said. “I don’t want to spend seven months away from my family. Having a competitive league, staying in shape and migrating in the W is a new wave. I’m excited to be one of the basketball pioneers.”

Launched in 2020, Athletes Unlimited has softball, volleyball and lacrosse leagues, and team owners and players do not directly share the interests of the league. Basketball is the first basketball to have a professional national league with the WNBA already established.

“We contacted the WNBA earlier this summer and had virtually several meetings with the WNBA,” said Patricof. “We shared our plans, and our view is that we want to be part of the growth of the sport.”

As each player plays for a cause, it also has a charity component. At the end of the season, Athletes Unlimited will also donate 50% to the player’s charity based on the bonus money the athlete earned during the season.

“We’re more than athletes, so it’s all about getting that support from your league,” Cloud said. “We were given this platform as a voice for the voiceless, as we step into the court every night and play for Athletes Unlimited as well as the charity of our choice. , Adds different importance. We are fighting for life and playing to create opportunities and resources. “

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