Atlanta BeltLine’s Smart City Corridor completed thanks to private-public partnership – Atlanta, Georgia

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(Photo courtesy of Atlanta BeltLine, Inc.)

eX² Technology, LLC is a single-source solution for businesses seeking to build, extend, or guarantee their communications infrastructure, completing an advanced communications network that transforms the Atlanta Beltline’s 15.8 miles into smart city corridors. Announced.

eX² Technology and Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. (ABI) have signed a Public-Private Partnership (P3) to oversee the planning and execution of the Atlanta BeltLine Vision and design and deploy a multi-duct and fiber communications network. did. Optical network system.

“This is an important milestone in helping transform the smart city corridor, helping the Atlanta community grow, inspiring and facilitating e-learning and remote work capabilities, and ultimately reducing the digital divide.” Atlanta BeltLine, Inc. CEO

The underground communications infrastructure lays the foundation for a technology-driven corridor that connects Atlanta with endless opportunities for progress.

The Atlanta Beltline redefines downtown Atlanta with 45 city neighborhoods surrounding a trail system with critical connections such as housing, businesses, roads, schools, medical facilities, utility poles, traffic lights, and public safety infrastructure. doing.

“We are pleased to have completed the installation of ducts and fiber systems along the Atlanta Beltline,” said Jay Jorgensen, Chief Operating Officer of eX² Technology. “The partnership with the ABI catalyzes network development and is drawing attention from innovative local, national and international companies seeking to expand their services within the Atlanta region.”

The ABI will continue to work with eX² technology in the next step. This includes developing wireless solutions along the corridor and launching commercialization programs to lease surplus ducts, dark fiber and wireless capacity along the Atlanta Beltline.

“This initiative is part of the city’s greater commitment to drive smart city initiatives and maintain their ranking as one of the country’s most competitive business destinations,” said the City of Atlanta. The Chief Information Officer (CIO), Thai Hayes, said. “We are excited about the fiber optic network along the Atlanta Beltline and what it means to bring greater opportunities to Atlanta citizens and businesses.”

eX² Technology manages and maintains communication systems and acts as ABI’s exclusive commercial partner.
Revenues earned through the program will be returned to the trail system to support the growth and development of new services for trail users and the downtown community.

Local dark fiber network providers and international content providers are one of the first companies to sign a contract with the Atlanta Beltline for network assets.

Atlanta BeltLine’s Smart City Corridor completed thanks to private-public partnership Source link Atlanta BeltLine’s Smart City Corridor completed thanks to private-public partnership

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