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Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office targets whistleblower who reported sexual harassment | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-04-08 10:30:00 –

Two months after Attorney General Jeff Landry filed a proceeding to prevent the disclosure of records of sexual harassment charges against one of his top employees, his office filed a whistleblower with the original complaint. We have released a new memo for people.

Sandra Schober, Deputy Director of Management Services at Landry, sent his boss a note dated April 7. This explains how the office handled the complaint against Pat Magee, the former criminal director. It’s unclear why Schober started writing new notes, given that it’s been about three months since the Attorney General’s office completed an investigation into Maggie, who resigned last month after receiving a second sexual harassment complaint. ..

AG received a formal complaint about Maggie’s actions last November. Maggie often harassed women in his office, claiming to have influenced their career paths, and one woman was assigned to a criminal trial “because a male jury wants to have sex with her.” She suggested that she refused to promote another woman because her attractive appearance could cause Maggie to lose his self-control.

The Laundry office hired a law firm Taylor Porter to investigate the complaint, and the investigation found that Maggie’s behavior made others uncomfortable, but did not raise the level of sexual harassment. ..

It remains unclear how that conclusion was reached. The Laundry office has only published a significantly edited result of Taylor Porter’s investigation. These documents continue to be in question in the proceedings filed by Landry against The Advocate reporters. Times Pikayun requested a copy of them.

But in addition to providing dozens of black-filled pages related to Wednesday’s Taylor Porter survey, the Laundry office also shared Shober’s new notes.

It contains some strange assertions. Laundry’s office finally concluded that Maggie himself was not involved in sexual harassment, but the memo was based on the earlier whistleblowers about Maggie not reporting Maggie’s misconduct. It suggests that it may be in violation of the sexual harassment policy of the place.

The top aide to the Louisiana Attorney General’s office, which was the subject of sexual harassment complaints, submitted the effect of his resignation …

Maggie denied having ever committed sexual harassment and said he would not tolerate it.

Schober writes that he has confirmed the text message between Magee and the whistleblower provided by Magee, and that some of the whistleblower’s text is questionable.

“These texts were sent to Pat (with their names edited). Whether these text messages violate our policy of professionalism and integrity, and they may constitute sexual harassment. If there is, the potential victim may not be aware of its existence, but you need to make a decision, “she wrote.

“Furthermore, it is against the policy of sexual harassment that the supervisor does not report improper behavior in a timely manner, and the petitioner has years of suspicion of improper behavior before finally reporting to me. I knew, “she added.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry’s chief aide, Pat McGehee, resigned Thursday after a second sexual harassment complaint against him …

Schober’s memo reveals that the complainant is a man and identifies him more or less by specifying the work he holds. His first complaint expressed fear that the laundry office would retaliate against him for coming forward.

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“I’m always wondering when I have the courage to move forward in the end,” writes the employee. “This is especially true when the person you need to report reminds you many times how he is a close personal friend of the Attorney General. This is not Wal-Mart. This is the Louisiana Department of Justice, and if someone is a close friend of Louisiana’s most powerful law enforcement officer, moving forward is not an easy decision. “

Laundry repeatedly attacked while the employee who reported sexual harassment crucified sexual harassment. The Times-Picayun argued that in the course of a proceeding against a newspaper reporter, requesting records of harassment would cool employees out of the way. Laundry helps protect victims and witnesses in his goals in proceeding, even though the newspaper told Laundry’s office to edit their names for protection. Insisted that it was.

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry sued Advocate and The Times-Picayun reporters on Friday over a request for public records she submitted …

However, Schober’s memo told her that after the media reported Maggie’s complaint, a “confidential informant” came forward and was known to have tampered with whistleblowers in the past. Insist.

Schober said there was nothing in the whistleblower’s file for such allegations. However, she said, “Because of this pattern of misrepresentation of information, we … investigate this issue further and make the judgment, honesty, necessary for all LADOJ staff (whose name has been edited). And we are determining if we lack integrity. “

Schober’s memo also analyzed four cases of sexual harassment reported by whistleblowers and disagreed with some of the conclusions about what constitutes sexual harassment. She had “many work-related problems” that disqualified her from the role, claiming that the woman Maggie refused to promote because of her beauty did not actually receive the promotion.

However, Schober did not include any evidence that Magee did not comment on the appearance of the woman and, in fact, sought “further review” to determine if he made such a statement.

Sexual harassment complaints against Attorney General Jeff Landry’s top aide allege that Pat Maggie insisted that a woman should be subordinated …

She also defended Maggie on a complaint alleging that Maggie called a lawyer “old and ugly.” Plaintiffs said Maggie had proposed using a young and attractive lawyer for alleged “f — possible” cases.

Again, Schober wrote that a lawyer that Magee described as “old and ugly” was under review for “potential policy violations,” and Magee did not file a proceeding to draw her attention for them. He added that it was reasonable to conclude that it was. She also said that Maggie did not discriminate against older employees, as half of the lawyers Maggie hired were over 40 years old.

Still, Schober asked again to consider further whether Magee made alleged comments about the employee.

Schober admitted that he wasn’t sure if Magee made such comments about his employees, but also criticized whistleblowers who said he had witnessed them.

Thanks to the commendable efforts of The Advocate and The Times-Picayune reporters, the Louisianas now know about the culture of sexism.

“In addition, the speculation contained in the initial grievance complaint was incorrect because of the evidence of opposition,” she wrote.

Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office targets whistleblower who reported sexual harassment | News Source link Attorney General Jeff Landry’s office targets whistleblower who reported sexual harassment | News

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