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Atlanta, Georgia (CW69 News at 10) — The Killing of Rayshard Brooks lawyer Civil Service Commission has decided to return Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolf. “We will file a lawsuit to ensure that our clients’ rights are protected,” said Justin Miller, one of the Brooks lawyers.

Rolf Shot and killed Brooks during his arrest June last year. “Currently, Police Officer Rolf receives more justice than the Killing of Rayshards family,” said L. Kristen Stewart, another Brooks family lawyer. “African Americans in this country don’t want sedation when it comes to civil rights. They want justice.”

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The board determined that the city did not comply with some code provisions before dismissing Rolf. City officials and APD acknowledged the decision, stating:

The Civil Service Commission (CSB) has canceled the dismissal of officer Garrett Rolf simply because it was not done in accordance with Atlanta City Law. It is important to note that the CSB did not make a decision as to whether Police Officer Rolf violated the policies of the Atlanta Police Department. In light of the CSB’s ruling, APD will conduct an assessment to determine if additional investigative action is needed.

Police officer Rolf has been charged with criminal charges in connection with the case and will continue to take leave until these charges are resolved.

“It’s unbelievable that they didn’t know about this process,” Stewart said. “You had someone on trial for murder, and now you’re back in power,” Miller said.

LoRusso LLP has issued the following statement from Rolfe’s lawyer, Lance LoRusso:

We are very pleased with this action and consider it the first step in a complete proof of Officer Garrett Rolf.

LoRusso’s company also provided the following statement referring to APD officer Devin Brosnan, another officer involved in the case.

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The board relied on the testimony of Sergeant Interior, who said the process “looked like it was in a hurry,” due to media attention. It is the first time in his 25 years that APD police officers have been fired on suspicion of firearm violations without first investigation, and there has been no criticism of Rolf’s actions on June 12, 2020. did. The Atlanta Police Chief also testified that there were no criticisms of the actions of Officer Rolf on June 12, 2020. Rolf’s dismissal from APD was revoked because he was denied legitimate proceedings. You can watch the entire hearing on YouTube.

Officer Rolf had the opportunity to explain what happened on June 12. Rayshard Brooks attacked him, Brosnan stealed Brosnan’s taser, shot Brosnan with his taser, ran, and shot Rolf with Brosnan’s taser. Officer Rolf, as both an officer and a citizen, had the right to respond deadly to the exacerbated assault of Rayshard Brooks. Police Officer Rolf continues to look forward to the opportunity to prove that his actions have been legally justified.

Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms issued the following statement:

Given the instability of our city and country last summer, the decision to dismiss this officer after a deadly shot of Mr Brooks from behind was correct. Without immediate action, the security crisis at that time would have been even worse.

“So now that’s the question,” it was done to temporarily calm upset protesters and people around the world, “Stewart said. “The mayor and the city came to Rayshard Brooks’ funeral, hugged their families and talked about justice, but they don’t need that token. We want real justice.”

“No matter what happens in the incident, he has a family, and he is now taking drugs through Ringer,” Miller said.

LoRusso has confirmed that the city is reviving Rolfe with repayments. Stewart and Miller explained that the criminal case could not proceed until the judge decided whether the Fulton District Attorney or the State Attorney’s Chief would prosecute the case. “Currently, Rolf officers receive more justice than the Rayshard Brooks family,” Stewart said. “The city of Atlanta cannot be a blueprint for the civil rights of other cities and cannot fulfill its promise.”

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Stewart and Miller want to see if the city will fire Rolf again and if the city council will take any action.

Attorneys For Rayshard Brooks’ Family Condemn Decision To Reinstate Officer Garrett Rolfe – CBS Atlanta Source link Attorneys For Rayshard Brooks’ Family Condemn Decision To Reinstate Officer Garrett Rolfe – CBS Atlanta

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