Atwood is Heroic in a Stylish Drama at Sunset – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2021-10-25 06:13:10 –

Blind housewives are targeted by a group of scammers looking for mysterious dolls in Frederick Knot’s 1960s stage drama Wait until dark.. This month, Dustin J. Martin brings a contemporary stage to the classic drama to Elm Grove’s Sunset Playhouse. Humble and heroic Maura Atwood plays housewife Susan in a carefully rendered piece that helps maintain tension and pace from start to finish.

Fresh from his memorable comic performance at sunset production Run for your wife In September of this year, Josh Scheive is far more ominous on stage as a gentleman named Rohto who convinces several men that he can make a fortune by helping him steal a doll from a blind woman. Show it on the side. As Gloria, the girl who lives upstairs in Susan, gets involved, it turns out that it’s much more likely to look like a simple task. Eva Darberg gives the stage a fascinating charm as the cast Gloria, which is generally inhabited by offensive criminals. Chris Celestin is lovingly duplicated as a man disguised as an old friend of Susan’s husband who stopped by for a visit. Ralph Fratula summons a more aggressive threat as a criminal disguised as a police officer investigating a murder case.

Costume designer Lisa Quinn casts the ensemble in a subtly stylish outfit for a drama that fits very well with Matt Carr’s moody set. Lighting designer Mary Walner gives the world of Quinn and Car a proper shadow. It’s all very powerfully organized.

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Production of Sunset Playhouse Wait until dark It will be held until November 7th at the Farlan Auditorium at 700 Wall Street in Elm Grove. For tickets, please call the ticket office at 262-782-4430 or visit the following website:

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