Audi adopts Ken Block and Porsche manufactures 718 electrics

The Volkswagen Group is probably the most enthusiastic legacy carmaker to advertise the benefits of electrification, despite being the target of a German lawsuit accusing the makers of being poorly environmentally friendly. There is no doubt that it has been affected by the diesel exhaust catastrophe that hit all regulators in Western countries, but the brand is aggressively offering EVs and praising alternative energy vehicles wherever possible. ..

There were many more this week. Porsche has reportedly decided to make the 718 an all-electric model by 2025, and Audi recently worked on EV development with Larry Icon and Hoonigan founder Ken Block (with Ford Motor Company earlier this year). Announced that it will adopt (tie-up).

Audi announced Block’s involvement by releasing at the same time on Tuesday video When interview.. The video is about what you expect and the interview feels as organic as a polyethylene cube. Brock is supposed to join the company to help develop an electric car, but there isn’t much detail in the interview. Instead, it served as a way for professional drivers to admire Audi products (perhaps like the real thing) and argue that it doesn’t matter what’s under the hood as long as the car runs fast. ..

If you have never seen One of his videos, Ken Block likes to go fast and he mentions it in frequency and delicacy Sonic the hedgehog Throughout the release. This was probably the most genuine aspect of the interview, as I’ve never seen him redundant. But the rest was studded with enough corporate buzz terms to make him feel like he might have been mentored by his new employer.

“By testing electric cars in a variety of situations, we want to showcase mobility and electrification in new and interesting ways. Audi has done the incredible job of driving their cars into the future. I did, “Brock said. “Hopefully I can understand it and enjoy it a lot at the same time. Audi technology has always had a big impact on me. In the 1980s, this brand was my favorite sporting event. I dominated one of the World Rally Championships in a truly inspiring way. For years, I’ve been racing for what Audi has achieved, down to modern motorsports. Has always had real fan appreciation. I have always been very impressed with their progress and the fact that they are always looking ahead. “

This led to a statement about humanity and how we all need to live to create a progressive and agile future. But the overall point of Ken’s argument is that electric cars are part of it and everyone needs to ride.

“Don’t get me wrong. I love the sound of the combustion engine, especially the sound of the 5-cylinder, which Audi is very famous for,” he said. “That’s what I grew up with. Still, I welcome change. Of course, I miss the sound of the engine, but there are other ways to enjoy the new technology and its sound. Without that grunt. The view that combustion engines are the answer is wrong because something is missing. I haven’t grown up with those sounds as I have in the last 30 to 50 years. , There are kids who don’t care about them. They are accustomed to the idea that each has its own sounding combustion engine and electric motor. Both are cool to them. We seniors are ours You need to change your mind and learn that the lack of sound can also be very cool. “

What does this mean? Well, we’re absolutely not sure, except for the fact that Audi is now paying Ken Block to say things. Manufacturers are very careful about the details, helping Hoonigan executives offer “exclusive joint projects in the field of electrical mobility” and already classic Sport Quattro S1, V8 Quattro DTM, Audi RSE-Tron I admit that I am driving. GT, E-Tron Vision Gran Turismo prototype.

My guess is that this would be another Gymkhana video, where Block would steer an Audi branded vehicle in tight space and at inappropriate speeds. Perhaps there are some new appliances from the manufacturer with Ken’s signature, but it seems unlikely that he will be sitting throughout the development phase.

Meanwhile, Porsche is already working on a new EV that will probably replace one of its best models.according to Car and driverThe 718 will be a 2025 model fully battery-powered electric vehicle. Outlet said months of speculation were over after Porsche unveiled the Mission R concept (pictured) at the Munich car show. It is reported to have a suitable shape and size to replace the 718 and serve as a template for its successor.

from Car and driver:

I haven’t seen the interior yet, but I’m confident that it will be the brand’s most futuristic, a big leap from the current 718 cockpit, which is more positive and conservative than the Taycan. In designing the user interface, Porsche has a customer base in mind. In China, the most important market, the average age of 718 buyers is only 31 years. It is said that “this will be the most modern Porsche”.

Sports car fans are concerned that the Electric 718 can be overly heavy. After all, the Taycan is between £ 4,568 for an entry-level model with a small battery and £ 5,199 for a Turbo S Cross Turismo, despite its modest packaging. The 718, on the other hand, would be a miracle of lightweight technology. The internal target weight is less than 3,650 pounds.

It weighs one, but the car must also be usable. If Porsche Taycan taught us something, it means that reducing the range can seriously undermine an otherwise desirable car. I’m also a little worried that the future 718 model will be its main competitor rather than a cost-conscious alternative to the 911. The iconic 911 is said to remain focused on internal combustion engines until at least 2030. However, the all-electric 718 can probably adjust to its acceleration before the speedometer reaches a tremendous speed. Assuming there is still a gap between EV and ICE fans, this may not be a big deal. The same is true if Porsche can maintain the price less than $ 83,000 charged to Taycan.

However, it doesn’t really matter what the consumer wants or what it costs. Europe’s restrictive Euro 7 regulations have effectively hunted down all manufacturers. The European Automobile Manufacturers Association argues that the proposed rules essentially impair the ability to continue developing internal combustion engines, especially as regulators consider actual emission monitoring over the life of the vehicle. .. Assuming Porsche still wants to make high-performance cars with juicy spec seats in the EU, they need to be electric.

[Images: Volkswagen Group]

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Audi adopts Ken Block and Porsche manufactures 718 electrics

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