Aurora committee votes down citywide camping ban – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2021-06-04 00:25:55 –

Aurora, Colorado — Aurora Commission City-wide camping ban ordinance Proposed by Mayor Mike Coffman.

At a Thursday morning meeting of the Housing, Neighbor Services and Redevelopment Policy Committee, the committee rejected a two-to-one proposal to ban unauthorized camps on public or private land, city officials said.

It was rejected, but under city rules, any member or mayor can submit the ordinance to a study session or the entire parliament. Mr. Coffman said on Twitter that the plan would be submitted to the Public Safety Commission. Was.

“My proposal is fair to residents and compassionate to the homeless, because the city needs to take them to a designated area where they can stay and access the services they need.” I read Coffman’s statement.

According to a memo attached to the committee, there have been more than 900 complaints related to the camp. The memo also states that the city “needs a permanent solution to authorize the reduction of campsites that are not permitted on public land.”

However, Coffman has been opposed to his proposal, and councilor Allison Coombs previously said she was against the ordinance, with some community members making the first announcement calling for the idea. Reacted “Cruel and ill” And “Ruthless and nonsense

“I think Denver’s policy failure is obvious,” Coombs said. “Even residents are aware that moving people from one place only moves them to another.”

Aurora committee votes down citywide camping ban Source link Aurora committee votes down citywide camping ban

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