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Aurora, Colorado — A man in Aurora continues to look for an answer after saying that his new home contract was suddenly canceled.

“This is very devastating news for my family. I have three kids and they … I don’t even have a word. I don’t even know how to explain this to them. “John Carcos said.

In December 2020, Carcos said he had signed a contract with KB Home to build a house just north of Green Valley Ranch.

Carcos said the down payment eight months later told him that the contract would be canceled by the KB Home lender in August.

“They said,’Yes, we know you paid, but we still want to cancel this contract, and you don’t have a loan with us anymore. “Carcos said.

Kirkos received an email asking him to approve the cancellation. The down payment is still thin because he hasn’t signed the severance contract yet.

“Maybe they thought I was a foreigner who couldn’t explain myself or protect myself,” Carcos said.

He added that the company told him he was no longer eligible to buy a home because he borrowed a PPP loan for his limousine business.

“I showed them that I paid it off the next day, and two weeks later they [the government] He sent me this letter saying that my PPP loan was 100% forgiven. ”

Kirkos believes that money is the real reason for a canceled contract.

“Three days later, they posted the house for $ 631,000. Initially, I signed for $ 527,000,” he said.

Denver7 has contacted KBHome for more information on the situation, but the company has not responded.

Real estate lawyer Donald Ebby said it was unclear whether Kirkos was officially dismissed from the contract.

“Well, there are certainly many facts and complex issues we know or don’t know. Should he go to a lawyer and ask for help before he leaves? I absolutely think so. “Ebby said. “The builder doesn’t have the one-sided right to terminate the contract. Right now, I haven’t read the contract and the contract details, but the buyer has some rights.”

When dealing with a large homebuilding group, Ebby said his company noticed a trend.

“Our company has seen many buyers happy to terminate their contract because they can look back and resell the house built with a lot of money. “The lawyer said. Find another home that is moving forward. That’s why we have a contract and you have a compelling right. “

Kirkos, who was looking for a house next to his family, said he wouldn’t give up without an answer.

“I understand that KB’s motive is money, and I use consumers like me,” he said.

Aurora man seeks answers after new-home contract canceled Source link Aurora man seeks answers after new-home contract canceled

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