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The mayor of Denver-Aurora said Tuesday that he would seek to establish an independent monitor to monitor transparency and accountability within the police station. Independent investigation into the death of Elijah McLean And subsequent reports.

Aurora City Manager Jim Tumbley, Police Chief Vanessa Wilson, and Aurora Fire Chief Fernando Gray hold a press conference Tuesday morning to review their views on recommendations and reports proposed by independent investigators. Discussed the city’s next steps in doing so.

Aurora officials say they will pursue an independent monitor following reports from Elijah McLean.

Twombly called the report “very uneasy,” saying that the investigation “produced a very thorough, clear, well-documented, well-written report.” He is the best independent monitor to step forward to strengthen departmental surveillance and regain credibility, despite the measures taken by the city and police over the past year, such as a carotid hold ban and a knock ban warrant. He suggested that it would be a solution. Of the inhabitants.

“I think Chief Wilson has made great strides in putting executives accountable and implementing policies and training to improve the department. But the accountability system is who sits in the chair of the chief. You shouldn’t depend on it, “Twombly said. “It needs to be implemented to represent the community’s desire for a constitutionally fair and respectful police officer that works and holds police officers accountable. Independent monitors achieve that. I believe it will help. “

Twombly said the report identified what underlies the incident, including McClain’s death: “the failure of the accountability system,” he said. He acknowledged the findings of the report that he lacked training in serious criminal investigators, internal affairs, and the skills and purposes of using force.

He said independent monitors would help the city achieve the community’s goal of respectful and impartial police.

Chief Wilson acknowledged and echoed the sadness felt by McLean’s family and the wider community. What family and supporters said on Monday“The bottom line is that Elijah McLean should be here today,” she said. “There is nothing I can say here today. Any changes I have made, or will continue to make, will bring him back. And for that, I am very sorry.”

Wilson has promised to continue making the changes recommended by the report released Monday, another independent investigation by the police station, and a report expected from external investigations by the state and federal governments.

Wilson agreed that Twombly would pursue an independent monitor, saying “that’s the only way to regain the trust of the community.”

Authorities did not specify what Aurora’s independent monitors would do, and said they would develop their position in future discussions, but Denver’s independent monitor offices usually act in the police and sheriff departments. Has the task of overseeing and providing reports. Make policy recommendations and work with the community to improve departmental monitoring.

Among the changes already made within the department, Wilson said, a unit investigation task force was launched in November. She said the Task Force would work with an independent monitor once the office was established and with the Regional Police Task Force, which is expected to make recommendations to the city council in the coming weeks.

Regarding other changes that Wilson and Gray said they plan to implement based on recommendations from an independent team, Gray has clearer divisions about when officers and paramedics will transition to patient care. He said he would partner to make sure he had a good policy.

Wilson said she planned to work at 17th And 18th The judicial district law firm discusses how to proceed with the investigation of the next serious case – whether the department allows another department to investigate or asks the district attorney’s office itself to investigate.

“We need to sit down, roll up our sleeves and make sure we’re doing everything we can to regain the trust of the people,” she said.

Mr Gray said he believes the city’s moratorium on the use of ketamine by rescue workers will be maintained for at least the next 30 days, and that the City Council’s Public Safety Commission will work with the department in the next step.

And Gray adds that his department continues to review all patient care reports when restraint or sedation is used, adding that emergency personnel can’t tell them if they or their family members. He said a new protocol has already been implemented on how to determine weight. He said some members of the field would need to make an estimate in order to try to determine a person’s weight.

Wilson repeatedly refused to discuss further penalties for two police officers who had not been disciplined for their encounter with McLean, with state grand jury investigations and other ongoing investigations at the city, state, and federal levels. The investigation said she was unable to discuss the case. Or a specific officer.

A city spokesperson said it was undecided when the city council would be able to ask independent investigators as it encountered a council meeting scheduled for Monday night presentations on a regular basis.

However, both Gray and Twombly said they felt that the information they learned from the reports commissioned by the city council was well worth the cost.

“I definitely believe it was worth the expense of the city. It’s very thorough and very well thought out so that anyone who reviews the report can see it.” Said Twombly. “And I thought the team did a great job. We formed a great team, so it’s worth all the money we put in.”

Independent investigator published review of investigation After McLean died on Monday morning.Among them, three investigators Commissioned by Aurora City Council in JulyCalled the investigation “defective,” he said, “could not make a meaningful record of the circumstances surrounding the 23-year-old death.”

The team also explained the findings to the Aurora City Council later on Monday.

In both reports and presentations An independent panel explained their findings and recommendations.. They explained some of the controversial findings, including how the Aurora Police investigation team led questions to relevant police officers. The panel has come to elicit “the” magic word “of certain exemptions found in court decisions.

The panel also found that neither the 911 caller nor the corresponding police officer identified the crime, but grabbed McLean shortly after leaving the police car. Investigators did not reassess the alleged threat posed by McLean, but “continued to use force justified by the circumstances addressed thereafter,” the report said. They also said that the speed at which McLean acted to arrest “indicates potential training or supervision weaknesses,” even without evidence that he was suspected of committing a crime.

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McClain died on August 30, 2019, 6 days later This encounter between the police and paramedics.. He was walking home from a convenience store when he called 911 to report that he was wearing a mask and looked suspicious. After McClain was arrested by police, he was accused of resisting the arrest, detained the carotid artery, and was eventually given a large dose of sedative ketamine by paramedics. He continued to have a heart attack and died six days later.

Autopsy revealed it First aid gave him 500 milligrams of ketamine, This is the maximum dose of the drug and is intended for people around £ 190. McClain weighed about 140 pounds. According to the report, Aurora Fire rescue workers did not move or make noise for about a minute and did not appear to be resisting, but “does nothing but a simple visual observation.” I decided to calm McLean with ketamine. The independent investigator did not receive the document requested by Aurora Fire by state law.

The panel also found a contradiction between what was captured in body camera footage and interviews with relevant officers after the incident.

A statement from police officers on the scene suggested that McLean was “violent” and had a “persistent struggle.” The officer also explained McLean’s “excellent strength.” However, audio and limited video from body camera footage captured McLean screaming in pain, apologizing, explaining himself, begging officers, and vomiting. McLean continued to move while police officers waited for the aurora fire to arrive, but the Independent Commission was trying to escape, throw, or go to a position where it was easy to breathe. He said he didn’t know if he was there.

“His words led to apologies and confusion, not anger or intimidation. As he struggled to breathe, he became more and more miserable and desperate,” the report said.

The· The panel has announced some recommendations To the city, the paramedics, and the police station.

This includes:

  • Consider policies, training, and oversight regarding the use of force and arrest practices
  • A more specific description of the policy on how deescalation is required for all encounters, if possible
  • Improve accountability systems, including more effective reviews by major criminal units and compulsory reviews by internal affairs
  • Clarify and enhance the individual transition from suspect to patient when EMS is called
  • The city should conduct a cultural review within Aurora Fire to prioritize the safety of the subject in line with the safety of officers and healthcare professionals.
  • Review of Aurora Fire protocols, policies, and training related to patient sedation
  • Post-incident review process overhaul (including)
    • Evaluate criminal training and supervision of the Serious Crimes Department in connection with investigations of potential criminal activity by police officers
    • Consider the important role of internal affairs in considering all deaths involving police officers
    • Reform the process of the Armed Review Board to facilitate a more critical and objective analysis of the use of force

Be careful Changes set up by the Aurora Police “We still don’t know how much these reforms can heal community trust,” he said last summer, in the midst of an investigation into McLean’s death, including a carotid ban.

McLean’s mother and father Both said in an interview on Monday The report blamed their son and exposed the city of Aurora by what they said they believed they were already true about his son’s death.

“It made me cry,” Chenine McLean said.. “I was so relieved to hear the words to exonerate my son, so I just shed tears, which meant they could no longer hide from the truth. Everyone now around the world he And everything they did to hide their footprints was horrifying. It’s a shame for Colorado. “

The 17th District Attorney’s Office said in a letter in November 2019: They did not intend to prosecute the officers or EMS personnel involved With the death of McLean.Earlier this month, Aurora Civil Service Committee Supported the firing Of three executives, including one who was involved in the first encounter with McClain Scandals surrounding photography They took police officers mocking the carotid hold at McLean’s death scene and sent text messages to each other.Another officer in the photo scandal He resigned before he was fired.

Multiple Other investigations are underway At the state, local and federal levels.

This story was first published by Blair Miller and Stephanie Butzer. KMGH..

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