Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson: “I understand the trust is broken,” but commits to its department adapting to regain trust – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-02-23 14:30:12 –

Wilson and other city officials responded to independent reports exploding APD’s actions in the Elijah McLean case.

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Aurora Wilson, chief of the Aurora Police Department, admitted that after the death of Elijah McLean, the trust between residents and police was lost.But she declined at a press conference on Tuesday to say whether the police officers involved in his arrest would face the consequences in the face of bitter circumstances. Independent investigation In the case.

Quote in progress Criminal investigation According to the state prosecutor’s office, Wilson said he could not comment on possible punishment for two police officers, Randy Redema and Nathan Woodyard, who were directly involved in McLean’s arrest. She said she didn’t want to interfere with the state’s criminal case.

Jason Rosenblatt, the third police officer involved in McLean’s arrest Dismissed last year due to his involvement With a photo of McClain mocking.

Investigators discovered that the corresponding police officer had made several mistakes, including making the first puttdown and using a carotid hold that he determined was unjustified. Investigators also said no conclusive evidence was found that the sedatives played a role in his death, but also why paramedics did not examine McLean before giving ketamine to subdue him. I questioned.

23-year-old McClain died on August 24, 2019, a few days after being placed in two carotid arterial holds by police and injecting ketamine by emergency personnel. He was not committing a crime when approached by a police officer. McClain’s death caused protests on the subway last summer, following George Floyd’s death in May.

According to Wilson, the ministry made the following changes after McLean’s death: Ban his hold She said some of the recommendations made by the report had already been implemented, including changes in the way Aurora police responded. Report of suspicious person An internal investigation is required for all deaths or serious injuries in custody.

Wilson, Appointed chief last summer, Said the department will evolve to make people credible.

“We want to ensure that the McClain family and the community continue to make changes to address issues that are not only highlighted in this report, but also in other ongoing studies,” Wilson said. I am.

Wilson joined Mayor Jim Twombly and Aurora Fire Chief Fernando Gray on Tuesday to give an overview of some of the changes his agency made. For example, agencies are now requiring multiple EMS responders to weigh someone before taking the drug. Investigations pointed out that McClain received ketamine based on a single firefighter’s weight estimate that proved to be inaccurate.

Twombly called the independent report “disturbing” and said it would work with Mayor Mike Coffman and the Aurora City Council to establish an independent surveillance office to support accountability and transparency. Same for city council members and activists It may have come up with an idea before and may resemble Denver’s Independent Oversight Office, a private sector that investigates the interaction between law enforcement and the general public. Wilson said he supported the establishment of a similar office in Aurora.

A team of three people who put together the survey discussed the findings with the Aurora City Council on Monday. Coffman requested a follow-up meeting after lawmakers were unable to ask questions due to time constraints. Details of the meeting have not been announced.

The city of Aurora is waiting for the results of another investigation related to the death of McLean, which it has approved.Implemented by 21CP Solutions, which specializes in civil rights and public security A larger review of the Aurora Police. Other state and federal investigations are underway.

Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson: “I understand the trust is broken,” but commits to its department adapting to regain trust Source link Aurora Police Chief Vanessa Wilson: “I understand the trust is broken,” but commits to its department adapting to regain trust

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