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Denver, Colorado 2021-01-14 00:56:31 –

Aurora, Colorado-The Aurora Police (APD) is investigating two attempted kidnappings involving two children.

On January 5, a man attempted to rob a 10-year-old girl near South Quintelloway and South Richfield Street at 1:30 pm. Just a week later, on January 12, a man tried to kidnap a 12-year-old boy from Mission Viejo Park around 6:30 pm. Matthew Longshore, APD officer, said the detective was investigating to determine if the case was relevant.

“There is currently no evidence that they are the same person, but that’s definitely what we’re investigating,” Longshore said.

On Wednesday, the park was crowded with people enjoying the day and children playing. Abigail Hanger was walking two dogs. She has lived across the park for the past six years. She usually said she would walk her dog alone before the sun rose.

“Usually in the early morning when it gets dark,” Hanger said.

She was unaware that there was an attempted kidnapping in her neighborhood the day before.

“It’s pretty scary because I actually live with an 11-year-old kid,” Hanger said.

The long shore calls on parents and children to be vigilant.

“In these examples, both kids were playing outside alone,” Longshore said.

The two locations of the attempted kidnapping are within blocks of each other.

According to APD, the first suspect to be kidnapped on January 5 was a white man in a black ski mask, red and black flannel shirt and jeans. The suspect in the second attempt is portrayed as a blackbeard bald man. The victim told police that he may have a tattoo on his arm.

The Long Shore encourages children to play in small groups near their homes. He also advises parents to make sure their children know how to fight strangers and ask for help.

“Screaming, kicking, hitting, elbows, biting, whatever you can do to get away from this person as soon as possible,” Longshore said.

Visit KidSmartz for more tips on keeping your child safe. This is a child safety program that helps educate families to prevent kidnapping.

Abigayle will consider purchasing a pepper spray or taser to protect herself while walking her dog.

APD requires everyone living in the area where the attempted kidnapping occurred to check surveillance cameras. If you believe there is evidence related to the kidnapping attempt, you will be asked to contact the Metro Denver Crim Stopper.

Men involved in these cases may be charged with attempted kidnapping.

Aurora Police investigate two attempted child abductions Source link Aurora Police investigate two attempted child abductions

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