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Denver, Colorado 2021-10-21 02:21:16 –

Aurora, Colorado — A sergeant of the Aurora Police Department was on leave after another police officer reported illegal activity during an arrest involving a boy in June.

The reported illegal activity occurred during a traffic outage on June 29th. This can be seen in the sergeant.Ed Acty’s Wearing camera video Released by Aurora Police.

The incident began with a gang intervention unit police officer pulling a 17-year-old child for speeding in the areas of E. 2nd Avenue and N. Airport Boulevard, according to a statement from the agency. A police officer in the video can hear her saying she is heading for 68 mph in the 40 mph zone.

There is a man in the passenger seat of a red car, and when a policeman tries to take him out, he starts running. According to police, a stolen gun loaded with luggage fell from his pants while police were chasing him, but they were unable to detain him.

A 17-year-old who did not have a license can be handcuffed. As Acty can be seen searching for a car, dumping trash on the ground, and processing evidence, a teenager continues to ask another officer to call his mother, nine months old. I’ve heard that I need to check my son.

Speaking to the policeman, Acty turns around and engages with her, yelling “behave like an adult.” Then he shouts, “Your f —— close your mouth.”

Acty can be seen turning her back from her, but she can be heard saying “kill everyone.” At this point, Acuti turns her back on her while standing and pushes her back to the ground.

After he put his hands on his shoulders and held her down for about a minute, she began to calm down and said, “I’m sorry. I’m just scared.”

Acuti also told teens, “You should keep your f —— mouth closed” and “I make your life f —— a living hell.” You will be asked in the video you are saying.

The teen was eventually taken to Aurora Prison for speeding, unlicensed driving, and obstruction by police officers, and was released that night.

In a statement, the agency said “blasphemous and non-professional language” “does not match the training and expectations of Aurora police officers.”

After watching the video, Chief Vanessa Wilson said she was deeply worried.

“In every interaction, we must respect the individual and strive to remain professional,” Wilson said. “I commend officers who do not want to compromise their integrity and continue to report fraud that endangers the work we are trying to accomplish in our community as an institution.”

APD has finalized the internal affairs investigation. Acuti will take leave until the results of the investigation are available.

APD has been around in recent years Elijah McLean Arrested with Kyle Vinson When Preston Nan III..

The department is now Faced with a dire staff shortage..Aurora Police Union Overwhelmingly passed distrust resolution Became the Chief of the Aurora Police Department earlier this month.

In September, Colorado Attorney General Philip Weiser Announced details of 14-month survey Transition to APD by the Colorado Legal Affairs Bureau. Weiser said Aurora police have shown a “consistent pattern of illegal activity” and the agency “has not created and supervised appropriate expectations for responsible behavior.”

Aurora police sergeant on administrative leave for ‘unprofessional conduct’ Source link Aurora police sergeant on administrative leave for ‘unprofessional conduct’

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