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According to a 14-month investigation by the Denver-Colorado Legal Affairs Bureau, the Aurora Police Department uses excessive force and racially biased police practices and violates state and federal law as part of its patterns and practices. increase. resulting in Released on Wednesday by Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser.

The Ministry of Justice recommends that the city conclude a consent decree to change its policies, training, records management and employment practices, and the city to update its progress to courts and the general public on how to implement the changes. Require you to pay for an independent monitor. Weiser said at a news conference that if the city did not cooperate, his office would seek a court order to implement a consent decree.

The Ministry of Justice and the City of Aurora have 60 days to reach an agreement on a consent decree.

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According to Weiser, Aurora police have shown “consistent patterns of illegal activity” at “many levels of the sector.” According to his office, the ministry “creates and does not supervise appropriate expectations for responsible behavior, which leads to excessive use of force and infringement of the civil rights of the inhabitants.”

“We hope Aurora will succeed in these improvements and we strongly believe that the agreement provides the best way to do that,” Weiser said in a statement. “We look forward to working with Aurora and other stakeholders in the coming weeks to develop a consent decree that ensures that these requirements are implemented promptly.”

Aurora City spokesman Michael Branen said the city would offer more ideas after Weiser’s press conference was over.

“The city of Aurora has made progress over the past year and is ready to work with the Colorado Attorney General’s office to advance future reforms,” ​​Brannen said in a statement.

Police officers reportedly used force against colored races 2.5 times more often than whites based on population, forced by police officers even though only 15% of Aurora residents were black. Almost half of the people used in the police were black.

We also found that, based on population, people of color were arrested 1.3 times more often than whites, and blacks were more than twice as likely to be arrested as whites.

According to Weiser, APD police officers take them to the ground without giving them time to respond, or tell them to stop resisting when they aren’t actually resisting, depending on the situation. It regularly applies more power than is reasonably justified.

He states that Aurora officers have a “misplaced understanding” of escalation and focus on the officer’s calm after using force rather than avoiding unnecessary escalation in the first place. rice field.

“We observed police officers who immediately escalated situations and situations in which the subject was clearly suffering from mental health but did not pose a risk to themselves or others,” Weiser said.

“These actions are unacceptable,” said the Attorney General. “They hurt people for whom law enforcement was entrusted and destroyed the trust of the community.”

Weiser announced in August 2020 His office was investigating patterns and practices in Aurora police and fire departments, as well as cases in which police officers may have deprived people of their constitutional rights.

The investigation was possible after the passage of Congressmen and after the passage of Governor Jared Polis. Signed SB20-217, With a drastic police reform bill created in the wake of George Floyd’s death Elijah McLean. The survey was the first survey of state patterns and practices, Weiser said.

“Patterns or practice agencies, as is known, are tools that the federal government has had for some time, but Colorado provides our department with the ability to engage in such investigations at the state level. We have become a national leader, “Weiser said Wednesday.

A report released Monday said Aurora also did not update practices that need to be updated under the law, including documenting police interactions with the general public.

It is also the Aurora Civil Service Commission Heavy criticism in a recent report by Denver7 Investigates According to the Attorney General’s office, hiring police officers without the opinion of the police station itself “overturns disciplinary action in well-known cases and undermines the authority of the chief.”

“Some of these changes are directly related to practices that violate the law,” Weiser said. “Other changes focus on cultural, leadership and structural reforms that address and prevent illegal activity.”

According to the report, only 1.1% of black applicants to APD were offered jobs, compared to 4.2% of white applicants. Recruitment and recruitment process. “

McClain died after he was Detained by Aurora Police August 24, 2019. A 23-year-old unarmed black man was admitted to carotid hold and emergency care I injected him with ketamine rear Incorrectly estimating his weight..

he I was in cardiac arrest before I died A few days later.

According to a survey released Wednesday, paramedics in Aurorafire received 22 doses of ketamine for so-called’excitatory delirium’between January 2019 and June 2020, but the paramedics are appropriate. It was administered at levels above the maximum dose without following a monitoring protocol. More than half of those cases.

Aurora has suspended its use of ketamine and has no plans to resume its use, officials said.

The Attorney General’s office has said little about investigating patterns and practices since McLean’s family was announced on the same day. Filed a federal civil rights proceeding Court records show the city of Aurora and the officers and paramedics involved in the 23-year-old death in August 2019. The proceeding is still pending.

According to the Attorney General’s office, Legal Investigators have spent more than 200 hours riding along in talks with current and former officers and AFD members. According to Weiser’s office, investigators attended the meeting and reviewed reports on the use of force.

Weiser said the city of Aurora and its police and fire chiefs had “fully cooperated” with the investigation, giving investigators “full access” to the agency.

On September 1, Weiser announced that the grand jury had returned 32 indictments against three officers. Two people’s emergency medical care He was involved in the death of McLean, including manslaughter and manslaughter. Chenine McLean said she was overwhelmed When she learned about the indictment, thanked Weiser and his team, and cried.

The pattern and practice investigation is one of at least five investigations at the local, state, and federal levels triggered by McLean’s death in either the case or the Aurora Civil Service Sector.

Team of independent researchers In February, we published a review of McLean’s posthumous investigation. They found that they were “defective” and “could not make a meaningful record.”

Investigators were tasked with reporting recommendations that could be learned from the investigation, rather than assessing the fraudulent activity under investigation.

Earlier this month Another independent survey An analysis of police station policies and practices implemented by 21 CP Solutions, which was eavesdropped by the city, revealed that 40% of police officer misconduct was responsible for a small number of police officers, with too much disciplinary action. rice field. Of officers who are effective.

June 2020, Colorado US Law Firm, US Department of Justice Civil Rights Department, and Federal Bureau of Investigation Denver Department confirm that they are investigating the McLean case for possible civil rights infringements. bottom. The results of the investigation have not been announced so far.

This is a developing news article and will be updated.

Aurora police violate laws, use excessive force and racially biased practices, according to state report Source link Aurora police violate laws, use excessive force and racially biased practices, according to state report

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