Aurora police’s review of use-of-force incidents not thorough enough, monitor finds – Aurora, Colorado

Aurora, Colorado 2022-07-25 18:06:39 –

The Aurora Police system, which considers officers’ decisions to use force, is not thorough enough, according to a company tasked with overseeing the reforms mandated by police courts.

The Force Review Committee has been unable to ask broader questions about how executives can prevent incident escalation, but instead focuses on smaller questions, Inegr Assure investigators wrote: .. Report published on Monday..

The findings were part of the first public report of the Consent Decree Monitor tracking the Aurora Police’s implementation of the following set of mandated reforms. Investigation by the Colorado Attorney General.. Investigations have shown that the department is regularly engaged in police, which are biased towards color and use excessive force on a daily basis. IntegrAssure releases 12 reports on department progress.

City and police leaders have worked with the Consent Decree Monitor to make substantial progress on some of the mandated changes, the report said.

IntegrAssure investigators refined how departments handle Traffic stopped on May 15, 2021 The incident almost evolved into police shooting, as it “embosses many of the problems facing police and the community and the important role of best-practice policies, training, and accountability systems.”

“This is an incident that could easily have triggered a shooting involving a tragic officer,” the report said. “It involves misunderstandings and misunderstandings between officers and subjects, implying potential implicit biases that need to be specifically recognized and addressed, and intensive field oversight and field training, especially for new officers. Emphasizes the importance of. “

An officer in the department for 18 months stopped the car on May 15, 2021 after the driver almost hit him while he was making another traffic stop. When the policeman requested identification, the driver reached out in front of the waistband and the policeman pulled a gun and pointed it at the man.

The officer then requested a backup, and the other corresponding officers also pulled the weapon. One of the arriving police officers stabbed the man into the ground, and three other police officers joined the battle on the ground. The officer who stopped first shocked the man twice with a taser gun.

The department’s unit review committee investigated the case and decided that police officers should act more professionally and manage themselves better. The board found that police officers should not use taser guns and could not conduct a drunk driving investigation and recommended training on these two topics.

Aurora police’s review of use-of-force incidents not thorough enough, monitor finds Source link Aurora police’s review of use-of-force incidents not thorough enough, monitor finds

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