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Aurora, Colorado — Residents of one Aurora community say the crossroads outside their homes are extremely dangerous. They contacted Denver7 after yet another crash, this time with the death of a woman on a motorcycle.

The intersection is located in the Cross Creek community of North Catawba Way and East Sixth Parkway and has no crosswalks or traffic lights. Residents say something needs to be done before someone else is hurt or killed.

It’s an intersection that Julia Wilson is familiar with.

“People coming out of the neighborhood thought they were going straight without using their turn signals. I was.

Thankfully, Wilson and his young son were unharmed.

“I never thought this would happen to me,” she said.

Wilson isn’t the first to be involved in an accident here. He had three crashes at the Catawba intersection, and in 2021 he will be the sixth, according to Aurora Police Department statistics. There was a mixture of serious and minor collisions, and no one was injured. In 2022 he had two crashes. One of them was a hit-and-run with minor injuries.

Cross Creek resident and neighborhood association president Gerald Lane says traffic is getting worse each year due to rapid growth on the east side of the community.

“This is a busy intersection. I know the city has done a traffic survey, but I’m told that’s not the case,” he said.

Lane took matters into his own hands and filed a traffic control application with the city of Aurora.

“I started the application about two years ago. Our response was there wasn’t enough traffic on this road and the speed wasn’t excessive,” Lane said.

The speed limit is posted at 45 mph. Lane says people go faster than that.

Wilson conveys her concerns to Lane and says that other people have reached out to the city with no luck.

“There’s a pool across from us and people are walking or driving to it all the time. We don’t even have crosswalks here,” Wilson said.

She hopes to be able to do something as soon as summer ends and the school year approaches.

“They’re making the residents of this community beg. A simple stop sign would make a big difference,” Wilson said.

Ryan Luby, deputy commissioner of communications for the City of Aurora, said in a statement, “In terms of requesting signal control at the intersection, the intersection has been working with city officials over the past three years using methods specified in the manual. It has been evaluated multiple times by the Unified Traffic Control Device (MUTCD). The warrant now indicates that it is nearing federal and municipal thresholds.We are working on a traffic light design at this location.Once the design plan is complete, this location will be included in the city’s annual construction contract. ”

Aurora residents concerned about intersection’s safety following several crashes Source link Aurora residents concerned about intersection’s safety following several crashes

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