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They can’t agree which one is the better player, and each one of course chooses himself, but how Austin and Jayden Ausbury arrived as key players in college high school defense. , And how they arrived within the country’s top outlook in each category is indisputable.

The two brothers fought a one-on-one battle from the bedroom to the family driveway and backyard. There was a passion for sports and competitiveness was the driving force to outperform others.

As a result, not only did they deepen their ties, but they also grew into highly skilled players, which had a major impact on the defense of University High and strengthened their dreams to the next level.

“It’s all about respecting each other’s games and pushing each other to the best,” said Austin Austin, senior cornerback. “We want to express our name. We push to do our best to each other. When we are young and play against each other, it ultimately makes both of us better. It was to improve. “

Junior linebacker Jayden Ausbury said their friendly competition was not necessarily about sports.

“We are still like that and it really helped us a lot,” he said. “Even if it’s soccer, basketball, or even a video game, we keep going. We’ve been intimate for years. W We’ve always been competing with each other. It ’s brotherhood. ”

Ausberrys, the son of a former LSU in linebacker Verge Ausberry (1986-99), spent a formative exercise playing in different teams until he reached junior high school.

Class 3 A No. When the Cubs (2-0) visit Class 2A No. 9 Danum School (1-1) at 7 pm on Thursday, Ausbury will continue their journey together, which could be the final season.

“We are trying our best to do that,” said Jayden. “Maybe last year together, but not. Only God knows it. I’m trying to make it the best year possible for him. He goes on to college. Win the state before you do. “

According to 247Sports, the 4-star selection of 6’1, 195-pound Austin Austin is 197th in the US and 24th in the cornerback. He led the Cubs at the touchdown reception and was nominated twice last year for the 8-3A second team in all districts as a tight end in last year’s defense.

A 6-2, £ 200 linebacker, Jaiden Ausberry is also a two-time second team all-district defense. He is a 5-star prospect who is ranked 32nd in the country and is the 5th rated linebacker.

In the updated recruitment list, Ausbury has five general schools (LSU, Alabama, Michigan, Florida, Notre Dame) among the finalists.

“They are hardworking and athletic players,” said U-High football coach Andy Martin. “They are kids with really good characters. They can teach. For me, leadership is the biggest factor.”

By pushing each other in the backyard over the years, we were able to learn each other’s games, study every move, and appreciate each other’s talents.

On the field, they work together, keenly aware of where their opponents are on the field, and usually arrive and play together.

“We are very close, it’s just two of us,” Austin said. “We are like each other’s best friends.”

Ausberry brothers forces for Uuniversity High’s defense | High School Sports Source link Ausberry brothers forces for Uuniversity High’s defense | High School Sports

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