Australia decides not to kill pigeon Joe

Melbourne, Australia — Race pigeons appeared to have moved far away from Oregon when they appeared weak and hungry in the backyard outside Melbourne.

Someone decided to name it Joe after the presidential election Joseph R. Biden Jr.

However, Australian officials did not bend the rules for fear of spreading bacteria from foreign birds: birds must die.

The story of a bird, perhaps traveling more than 8,000 miles and arriving at an Australian death row cell, caused a fuss over the Internet.

It was February after a building inspector named Kevin Cheri Bird (irrelevant) flew on one leg into the officer’s backyard in a quiet suburb of southeastern Melbourne. It started when I said I found Joe on the 26th.

“When we landed, it was very weak and weak,” Celli-Bird said in an interview on Friday. He fed the pigeons back to good health.

Driven by curiosity about its origin, he searched online for bird leg band numbers. He said it matched the birds of the Oregon pigeon race that began on October 29th. He found that the male bird was missing.

Celli-Bird said he contacted the American Pigeon Racing Union, which said the bird was registered with someone in Alabama. With this information in hand, he and some of his friends found it reasonable to name the pigeon after a prominent American figure.

“We were sitting, laughing and throwing names,” he said. “We thought,’Well, Joe is president-elect. We give him that name.”

They considered “Donald,” but Celli-Bird said, “I thought it might not be politically correct about what was happening.”

The Internet was amazed at the apparent journey when an international press took up the strange story of a bird named Joe. Authorities said they believed it was most likely to board a cargo ship.

Brad Turner, secretary of the Australian National Pigeon Association, told The Associated Press that he had heard of a relatively short trip in which a Chinese racing pigeon arrived on the west coast of Australia on a freighter.

Celli-Bird thought it was a little fun, but the Australian authorities had a different view. “It poses a direct biosecurity risk to Australian birds and our poultry industry,” said Joe, the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and the Environment. It was intended to euthanize him, local media reported Thursday.

Australia has infamously strict biosecurity laws. In 2015, then-Minister of Agriculture Barnaby Joyce threatened to euthanize two Yorkshire terriers, pistol and boo, of actor Johnny Depp. They weren’t declared to customs when they arrived in Queensland on a private jet. Fortunately, two dogs were arranged to be returned to the United States. Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, pleaded guilty to providing false information to the passenger card in a Queensland court after she and her dog landed on the Gold Coast to visit the actor. The couple offered to apologize.

Acting Prime Minister Michael McCormack did not forgive the pigeon issue early on Friday At a press conference, States as follows. “If Joe comes in a way that doesn’t meet strict biosecurity measures, you’re out of luck, Joe. You either go home or face the consequences.”

Faced with the prospect of Joe’s death, the Cheri bird rethought the name he gave the bird. “Last night I thought we should have called him Donald,” he said. “Maybe I could get the president’s amnesty and diplomatic immunity.”

However, on Friday morning, information that seemed to pardon the birds suddenly appeared. Joe may not be an American pigeon after all.

A local pigeon rescue group said on Facebook that they saw a lot of local birds wearing the same type of band found on Joe’s feet. “We believe he’s not an American pigeon, but an Australian pigeon wearing a fake American ring that anyone can buy on eBay,” the organization said.

A spokeswoman for the American Racing Pigeon Union said Joe’s band was probably a counterfeit and probably an Australian pigeon, according to the Associated Press.

“We are investigating the authenticity of US identification tags,” the Department of Agriculture said.

Celli-Bird said he was eager to find out the true origin of the bird “for the peace of mind of all.” He emphasized that he did not intend to mislead anyone.

In the face of increasing evidence, the Department of Agriculture announced in a statement Friday evening that it “concluded that Pigeon Joe was likely to be Australian.” “We are pleased that the bird legband is an illegal copy of a legitimate legband,” the agency said.

So I was free to stay in Celli-Bird’s backyard.

The mystery remains, such as why someone forged a pigeon racing band, whether the bird could maintain its new name, and eventually go home.

Earlier on Friday, Celli-Bird said: If it remains, we will continue to supply it. “

Australia decides not to kill pigeon Joe

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