Authorities: 3 charged in Mexican migrant worker conspiracy – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-09-23 08:37:20 –

Investigators said Mexican agricultural workers employed in multiple states were exposed to forced labor by Los Villatros harvesting.

Federal officials announced Wednesday that three people were indicted in a multilateral conspiracy, including forced labor of Mexican agricultural migrants.

A federal grand jury in Tampa formally charged Bradymir Moreno, Christina Gamez and Guadalupe Mendez Mendoza with six indictments last week.

Moreno, a Mexican citizen who owned and managed Los Villatoros Harvesting and a permanent resident of the United States, and Gamez, who worked for the company as a bookkeeper, manager and supervisor, were guilty of plots under RICO law and forced labor. I am being asked. Forced labor and conspiracy to disrupt procedures in front of departments, institutions and committees. Mendez Mendoza, a Mexican citizen who worked as a company manager and supervisor, was charged with a conspiracy to thwart proceedings at the agency.

According to the complaint, Moreno, Gamez and Mendez Mendoza ran a labor contract company for migrant workers with temporary agricultural visas from 2015 to 2017. Los Villatros Harvesting has said several Mexican agricultural workers employed in Florida, Kentucky, Indiana, Georgia and North Carolina. The company also detained migrant workers in the United States after their H-2A visas expired for financial gain and committed visa fraud and foreign labor contract fraud, officials said.

Moreno and Gamez ran Los Villatros Harvesting as a criminal program, prosecutors said. They forced workers to complete hundreds of hours of physically demanding agricultural work and were arrested through compulsory means such as imposing debt, confiscating passports, poor living conditions, verbal abuse and isolation. Has been accused of threatening workers with deportation and physical harm. ..

The online court records did not list the lawyers of the three defendants.

Authorities: 3 charged in Mexican migrant worker conspiracy Source link Authorities: 3 charged in Mexican migrant worker conspiracy

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