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Authorities in Stoneham, Massachusetts are looking for an aggressive coyote after multiple attacks have been reported in the past week.

According to police chief James McIntyre and park ranger Brian Johnston, the Stoneham Police Department and the town’s health commission searched for animals. Coyotes are believed to be dangerous, officials said.

According to police, there have been at least three attacks in the areas of Stoneham Arena, Extra Space Storage, and Stoneham Oaks Golf Course.

According to authorities, all incidents are believed to involve one animal.

Police were informed of the attack that occurred around 8 pm on Friday night. A coyote bites the back of a man’s shoe at the Stoneham Arena on 101 Montvale Ave. The animal’s teeth did not puncture the man’s shoes and he was not injured. ..

According to police, police were notified on Saturday about the second attack that occurred on Thursday. This time around 9 pm, it was held at Extra Space Storage at 96 Montvale Avenue. The man was not injured.

On Saturday, police say the coyote bit a woman in the parking lot at Stoneham Arena around 5:30 pm. The woman sought medical assistance at a local hospital for what appeared to be minor injuries.

Stoneham police and park rangers responded to the Stoneham Arena and Stoneham Oaks Golf Course after the incident on Saturday night, but they were unable to find the animals.

“This animal is clearly aggressive. Please be aware of this situation and report any sightings of this coyote as soon as possible,” said McIntyre. “Above all, stay far away from this animal.”

The Stoneham Oaks Golf Course behind the Stoneham Arena was closed on Sunday with great care.

The leaflet posted an offensive coyote warning in the area on Sunday, saying that some people were wary of animals.

“I keep an eye on it and open the windows when I see something,” said Barbara Harrington, who often goes to the area.

“You’re hearing about them, but we’re not hearing anything about it here, and we come here every week,” said George Wozick, a frequent visitor to the area.

The animal was last discovered by a search team around 5 pm on Sunday. At that time, I saw several police cars parked behind the arena.

The park ranger must euthanize the animal once it is found.

“This particular thing is so human-friendly that we definitely can’t exclude him from here,” Johnston said.

Johnston says people are more likely to blame the aggressive behavior of animals.

“I think there was a group of people feeding the animals that confused them,” Johnston said. “He’s thinking. So I can go to these people here.” I honestly think he was probably looking for food when he was biting them. ”

It’s still unclear if the animal has rabies, but Johnston says it doesn’t seem to be because he hasn’t seen a rabies coyote in the area for 20 years.

Residents of Stoneham recall the following coyote safety precautions.

  • Do not leave food outside as the coyote may be attracted to it.
  • Keep away from wildlife such as coyotes, foxes and other wildlife, feed, keep pets and interact with them.
  • It’s always a good idea to keep your pet tied to a string. Small cats and dogs are vulnerable to predatory attacks by many animals.
  • Keep an eye out for children playing outside.
  • Do not fire warning shots in the air to discourage coyotes from approaching.

Residents will be asked to call 911 and report to Stoneham Police if a coyote is spotted in the Stoneham Arena, Extra Space Storage, or Stoneham Oaks Golf Course area.

Stoneham police and animal management are continuing to investigate.

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