Authorities warn scammers who claim to sell COVID vaccines

Law enforcement officers warn that the number of online scams related to COVID-19 vaccination. Vaccine demand is spurring new types of fraud. Report Digital Citizens Alliance and Coalition for a Safer Web — From two nonprofits focused on Internet security. This report, obtained by CBS News, will be released on Tuesday.

“Our research found that there were criminals and scammers preying on Americans desperate to get the vaccine,” said investigator Tom Galvin. I will.

Investigators say they have found a seller through Facebook posts, such as mentioning China’s COVID-19 vaccine to circumvent Facebook’s defenses. When the investigator clicked on Facebook Messenger in the link, someone tried to sell the vaccine manufactured by Sinovac. Not approved for use In the United States.

“It’s not just about selling vaccines, it’s probably a money fraud that separates the person from money,” said Eric Feinberg, an illicit drug expert.

Galvin said he had paid $ 175 for Pfizer vaccine from another online seller. So far, he has only received a letter requesting more money.

They are encouraging social media companies to do more. Investigators argue that if you can find these pages, you should be able to find companies, or giants.

The Department of Homeland Security said these sites are becoming more and more problematic.

“There are dozens of people there. We meet them on a regular basis. We take them down every day. We work with other law enforcement agencies to take them down. We are working with prosecutors, “said Special Agent Michael Alfonso. In charge of Homeland Security Survey.

In conclusion, he states: There are no legal vaccines on the market.

After CBS News flagged those pages on Facebook, they said they removed them and expanded their efforts to get rid of false information about the vaccine.

Authorities warn scammers who claim to sell COVID vaccines

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