Autopsy report released on “Good Samaritan” killed in Arvada shooting – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2021-09-20 18:01:20 –

The Denver-Jefferson County Autopsy Department released a copy of Johnny Harley’s autopsy report on Monday, praised as a “good Samaritan” who was killed by police after shooting the suspect. Old Town Alvada Shooting This summer.

According to an autopsy report, Harley, 40, died of a single gunshot wound in his pelvis after being mistaken for active shooter Ronald Troike by a corresponding Alvada police officer. His cause of death was determined to be murder.

Troike killed Alvada police officer Gordon Beasley with a shotgun. All shootings took place around 1:15 pm on June 21st. Leaving Beasley And both Harley and Troike died.

Forensic pathologist John D. Carver, who performed the autopsy, wrote in the report:

“When Troike fired a shotgun at a parked car and the corresponding police officers (Beasley, Gordon, JCCO21-02616), the decedent was in a store in the commercial square. When Troike returned to the truck, he was suffered. The heir left the store with his pistol and exchanged the shotgun for an automatic rifle. The heir approached Troike and shot him several times. The heir then then troiked assault from his body. The rifle was removed. Another corresponding police officer then saw the decedent holding the assault trifle and fired a pistol at him, falsely assuming that the decedent was an active shooter. The decedent was subsequently transferred to the Lutheran Medical Center and sentenced to death shortly after arrival. “

NS Police shooting investigation Harley’s completion, the First Judicial District Law Office, announced earlier this month.

District Attorney Alexis King and office prosecutors will review the investigation submitted by the Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) to determine whether police officers will be held criminally liable for shooting. It is not clear when King’s office will make the decision.

Autopsy report released on “Good Samaritan” killed in Arvada shooting Source link Autopsy report released on “Good Samaritan” killed in Arvada shooting

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