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Riverside, California 2021-09-20 18:27:12 –

COVID-19 has confused many aspects of children’s school experience.

That one lunch lady, who was always kind to them, sent them out with a delicious pizza before they left for the 2020 spring break. They said goodbye to the custodians who are always playing music on the cart. Their regular bus driver dropped them off at the bus stop.

But when they returned in August, some of their faces weren’t there to greet them.

School districts throughout the Coastal Bend lack staff, called support or assistant staff.

They are a job Ingleside ISD Communications & Community Director Rebecca Taylor said that a lot of sales tend to be seen and are difficult enough to meet under normal circumstances.

“It can be said that the number of (vacancy) has increased since COVID started,” she said.

NS Education Service Center Region 2 Jobs Website And many individual coastal bend school districts are all open to at least two of the following three jobs: janitor, bus driver, and food service worker.

According to Taylor, it makes employment difficult for everyone.

“I find it difficult (to find a candidate) because all the school districts around me are fighting for the same pool of applicants and the wages are competitive. So I can offer more money, etc. You need to do business with the school district. “She said.

Despite offering competitive payments, Taylor also said that the location makes it difficult for districts like her to find help.

“We are doing what we can, yes, but still it is very competitive when it comes to location,” she said. “People are getting jobs closer to where they live, or people are driving a little (far) because they are getting more money.”

Without that core staff, the domino effect would occur. The domino effect only stops when someone else steps up.

“We have a lot of people doing two jobs at a time,” she said. “There are a lot of staff who usually don’t step into these positions, so we really got together to make sure everyone was supported to make sure everything was covered.”

Smallest school district Taft, Etc. to big things CCISD, Everything feels a sense of crisis, which affects teachers’ ability to work properly, said Nancy Bella, president of the American Federation of Teachers-Corpus Christi.

She said they were clearly upset when the members called.

“Recently, everyone cries when they call us,” she said. “And they don’t know what to do.”

She said that the frustration of AFT-CC members is directly related to their workload.

“They are asked to do four or five things at the same time, and they probably can’t,” she said. “Because of the shortage, it is humanly impossible to do everything that is required.”

According to Taylor, Ingleside is actively trying to avoid staff burnout and relies on the director to help in the cafeteria.

“Really, we don’t want teachers and assistant workers to feel they aren’t grateful,” she said. “And we don’t want to run out of them because they all stepped up and did such a great job.”

According to Taylor, the shortage did not interfere with the way Ingleside operates, but the district had to be more patient, including the time required for bus routes.

“I would say it would be slow and hinder our ability to get things done as soon as possible,” she said.

Auxiliary, support staff shortage stresses area school districts Source link Auxiliary, support staff shortage stresses area school districts

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