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Previden says Omicron variants are a source of concern, but not a cause of panic

A South African doctor who warned authorities about the possibility of a new variant, later named Omicron, said the “abnormal but mild” symptoms were what caught her attention. (Photo: Getty Images)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — As new variants of COVID-19 take root in some countries, fear and concern are once again spreading around the world.

The United States is currently one of several countries restricting travel from several African countries after the first discovery of the Omicron variant. Taking it one step further, other countries such as Israel and Japan have restricted the entry of all foreigners.

President Joe Biden held a press conference Monday morning, stating that the Omicron variety was a source of concern, but not a cause of panic. This variant has already been found in more than 12 countries, and no cases have been identified in the United States, but it is expected.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute for Allergic Infectious Diseases, I’m surprised if it’s neonw Variant was already in the state..

When Omicron arrives, Biden said the United States “will face this new threat, just as it has faced before.” However, he showed that the blockade would not be revived.

While waiting to learn more about this new variant, the big question is whether the vaccine we have now is effective in fighting it off. The current travel ban will give scientists time to study mutants and the vaccines we have.

Dr. Bill MesserAn epidemiologist at Oregon Health & Science University says it takes about two weeks to discover, but so far all adults receive booster immunization six months after the last COVID-19 vaccination. is needed.

Dr. Messer expects that regular COVID-19 testing will flag cases very quickly.

“The COVID test is a way to find out more. South African researchers have reported symptoms that are different from previous strains, such as fatigue, head and body aches, and occasional sore throats and coughs. There is no loss of taste or odor, “Mesner explained.

Medical personnel make sure that the individual is wearing a mask, keep a distance indoors, and urge the individual to be fully vaccinated if not yet vaccinated.Find a list of Local vaccine clinic here..

Awaiting info on new COVID variant, officials urge boosters Source link Awaiting info on new COVID variant, officials urge boosters

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