Azotea Cantina opens Monday with handmade tortillas and modern Mexico City flavors – Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia 2021-10-22 12:34:50 –

Outside Azotea

Photo by Ash Wilson

Azotea patio

Photo by Ash Wilson

A modern Mexico City-style taco stand overlooking the central greenery will open at Atlantic Station on October 25th. Azotea cantinaPronounced “Az-oh-tey-ah”. It measures 4,300 square feet and features a patio, two bars and a roof deck. Former Fordfly rocket farm restaurant Kevin Maxi consults on the concept and owner Diego Velázquez ( Tacos & tequila) Walk the line between the avant-garde and the familiar.

“Diego wanted to open up something that was really inspired by the modernist movement in Mexico City,” says Maxi. “Modern Mexico City food is usually a bit tedious and often involves textual and visual manipulation of food. Equal attention to food and spice details without much tampering with food. I’m paying. “

Carnitas de Puerko Tacos feature confit pork shoulders, pickles, habanero salsa, coriander and onions.

Photo by Ash Wilson

The best example of how this can be achieved is tortillas. Hand-made tortillas using Nishtamaru (fresh corn) instead of dried corn flowers are provided in small quantities by local tortilla makers. The result is a crispy, moist taco.

Azotea’s menu includes about 10 tacos, including ribeye steak, onions, pepper, cheese, bacon and crispy shoestring fried tacos. Appetizers include three types of guacamole (think pineapple and pomegranate, or carnitas style) and octopus tostatas with spicy peanut salsa. A concise selection of entrees such as baby back ribs, fish and steak concludes the menu.

“We don’t have enchiladas. We don’t have melted cheese in anything,” Maxey states. “It’s better than Minero, but it has the same atmosphere.”

Salsa trio

Photo by Ash Wilson

The menu is “cheap”, but the main character of the restaurant, mainly on the rooftop, is homemade drinks. There are six margaritas, including tequila infused with chipotle, passion fruit puree, agave, and “passionate and devoted” margaritas with citrus juice. The protagonists of the six specialty cocktails are the “East Atlantic” with bourbon, averna, orgeat syrup and lemon juice.

“It’s a southern take of Tiki Drink via Mexico,” says Maxey.

Beer includes both local varieties and Mexican lagers. Limited wines are also available.

Frozen margarita

Photo by Ash Wilson

The Spanish name for rooftop, Azotea is adorned with murals featuring sunset-inspired colors and tropical vegetation. Ken Rave’s black-and-white photographs depict desert landscapes, with modern garage-style doors opening the dining room outdoors.

“This is the place to hang out for tacos and great cocktails,” says Maxey.

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