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Some of the trials were even captured by the virus TikTok. Passengers cheered when the captain announced the birth of the boy.

After giving birth to a baby on a Delta flight from Salt Lake City to Honolulu on Wednesday, it was a flight to remember for her new mother, Rabina “Rabbi” Munga.

Fortunately for her, a new baby, Raymond, a doctor, and three NICU nurses were on the plane to help with the birth.

Dr. Dale Glen was previously asked to treat a sick passenger, but he has never experienced this.

“I had an emergency call in the middle of my flight, which I’ve experienced before and usually asks clearly if my doctor is on board,” said Glenn, a family doctor at Hawaii Pacific Health. It states.press release.. “This phone wasn’t like this and was pretty urgent. When I told the flight attendant that I was a doctor, she said we had a woman to give birth to, so I told me what I hurried to see if I could do it. “

With the help of NICU nurses Lani Bamfield, Amanda Beeding and Mimi Ho, they all helped give birth to a baby that arrived in just 29 weeks.

“I don’t know how patients are lucky and three neonatal intensive care nurses can board the same flight during an emergency delivery, but that was our situation,” said Dr. Glenn. I am. “Everyone jumped in together and everyone helped.”

Glenn relied on previous wilderness medical training to help deliver Raymond to the aircraft. He and the nurse used shoelaces to cut the umbilical cord, made a baby warmer from a bottle sent in the microwave, and used an Apple Watch to measure the baby’s heart rate.

Some of the trials were even captured by fellow passengers on TikTok. The Viral Post, which has been played nearly 11 million times, shows that passengers are applauding and cheering after the captain announces that a child was born on the plane. It also shows the EMT boarding the plane shortly after landing to help Rabbi and Raymond.

“Everyone turns back to see what’s going on, and then there’s a lot of shuffle among the flight attendants,” said Sierra Laurent, who appeared on TikTok with her friend Julia Hansen during the flight. Said Washington post.. “The speaker turns on and off as if we were trying to announce something, but it doesn’t announce. Then the little baby is crying.”

On Friday, Hawaii Pacific Health said Glenn and the nurse were able to visit Rabbi and Raymond.

“We all just wept. She called us a family and said we were all his aunts, and it was great to see them,” Ho said. It was.

Munga said he was “very lucky” to help the three NICU nurses and one doctor board the plane. She has been discharged, but will stay in the NICU until she is ready to go home.

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