Baby javelina, bobcat separated from mothers in unnecessary ‘rescues’ | Local news – Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona 2022-05-06 14:05:00 –

After the young Havelina and Bobcat are separated from their mothers, the Arizona Game and Fish Department and the Tucson Wildlife Center are asking the general public to leave their babies wild.

According to the AZGFD news release, authorities protected the animals after they were unintentionally separated from their mothers by those who thought they were abandoned.

The young Haverina was separated from her mother after someone mistakenly thought the animal had been abandoned.

Courtesy of AZGFD

According to a news release, the increase in calls to AZGFD’s offices suggests that “rescue” may tend to include other species such as deer fawns and baby turtles. It is illegal to be caught and keep young wildlife. The maximum penalties for violations are four months in prison and a $ 750 fine.

Arizona Game and Fish said that in most cases, baby mammals should be left untouched, unless they are clearly injured. Although they may look like orphans, mammalian babies are usually left alone while the mother is looking for food and water.

According to the news release, if your baby mammal is stuck and is at immediate risk of injury, you can move it to a nearby safe place that provides a suitable cover. The mother finds the baby who has moved by smell and hearing and continues to care for it.

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According to news releases, separating a baby mammal from its mother can euthanize the animal unless the zoo or shelter can accept it. Chronic wasting disease in deer further complicates the problem because the fawn is suspected because Game and Fish cannot confirm that the animal is not in a diseased state.

“In most cases, it’s best to leave all baby wildlife alone. People’s desire to help abandoned animals can have unintended negative effects,” Tucson’s Game and Fish said. Regional Director Raul Vega said in a news release. “While it seems humane to’help’or’rescue’ a baby animal in need, the wildlife that humans keep in captivity benefits from learning from their parents. If released without receiving it, the chances of survival are greatly reduced. wild. “

Baby javelina, bobcat separated from mothers in unnecessary ‘rescues’ | Local news Source link Baby javelina, bobcat separated from mothers in unnecessary ‘rescues’ | Local news

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