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Dickson County, Tennessee (WKRN) — Wednesday Joseph Daniels, A Dixon County man accused of murdering his five-year-old son, Joe Clyde, Known as “Baby Joe”.

During Tuesday’s testimony, Witnesses claiming to have seen Joseph Daniels “completely stationary” on the bridgeA few hours before he called 911 to report his son’s missing.

The jury also saw a long 2018 confession by Joseph Daniels. There he fatally beat his son Joe Clyde and admitted that he had dumped his body in the countryside.

Joseph Daniels called 911 on the morning of April 4, 2018, saying that his unspeakable, autistic five-year-old son had “escaped” from his family’s home on Garners Creek Road in Dickson County. reported.

Joe Clyde Daniels and Joseph Daniels (Photo: WKRN)

The sixth day of the trial will start around 8am on Wednesday and end at 5pm

The trial itself, which began last Thursday afternoon, will last for about two weeks.

The jury was chosen from the Chattanooga people, but none said they had heard of the name “Baby Joe.” The jury consists of 12 juries and 4 substitutes, 10 women and 6 men.

Crystal and Joseph Daniels
Crystal Daniels and Joseph Daniels (Photo: WKRN)

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Joseph Daniels has been charged with five charges, including first-class murder and falsification of evidence. He was imprisoned in Nashville but transferred to Dixon County prison during the trial.

According to investigators, his wife, Crystal Daniels, witnessed a deadly beating, but went to bed instead of helping her son. She was charged with serious child abuse and neglect and was tried separately from her husband. It’s a schedule.

News 2 has livestreaming Joseph Daniels Trial Report At Josh Breslow Will participate News 2 legal expert Glover Collins Provides an analysis of the trial from the opening statement to the judgment.

BABY JOE: Watch live as Day 6 of Joseph Daniels trial begins Source link BABY JOE: Watch live as Day 6 of Joseph Daniels trial begins

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