Bachelor Thomas Jacobs accused of trying to become a bachelor

An old story.Single contestants Thomas Jacobs Has been accused of continuing Katie ThurstonSeason to promote his career — And the Season 17 cast hasn’t let him stop.

In the upcoming Monday, June 21st promotion Single, Aaron Clancy Thomas, 28, accuses him of participating in the “For the Platform” series.

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rear Hunter Montgomery Ask, “Maybe I thought I could be a bachelor?”

Thomas replies, “Yes, that was the idea that was in my head.”

In another clip, real estate brokers declare that they “will do whatever they need to do, such as throwing away the word” love. “

Meanwhile, Katie kisses Thomas at the last solo moment of the clip and spouts, “I’m glad you’re here.”

Former bank manager I shed tears during the June 14th episode of the series rear Carl smith Some unnamed suitors claimed they weren’t attending the show for the right reason.Katie also sent Coordinator Packing after suggesting that Aaron has no pure intent.

“”[You have to] Co-sponsored with “Hit from the front” Taisia ​​Adams Said We weekly About the drama. “If you’re reluctant, everyone is doing their best and talking behind the scenes, so hit it head-on and deal with it from the beginning. You don’t want to. [it to be] 4 weeks when everyone else went home and you are still working on this issue. Do it as soon as possible and take those who are really there for the right reason. “

Co-sponsored Caitlin Bristow I agreed and hinted that Katie wasn’t messing around. “The good thing about Katie is that she accepted the advice and dealt with it,” said Season 11 Reed. We.. “It wasn’t something like’Well, let me talk to this person’. Similarly, go directly to the source and understand this. I love to find it.”

Katie’s journey to find The One has just begun, But she dropped some ominous hints about the ending.

“I’m scared, you know, relive those connections and broken hearts, it’s going to be difficult,” she said. We Earlier this month she said she was “satisfied” with the show’s development. “I’ve come to know that everything happens for a reason. That said, I’m happy, yes.”

Single Broadcast on ABC Monday at 8 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

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Bachelor Thomas Jacobs accused of trying to become a bachelor

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