“Bachelor’s degree” franchise “I won’t go anywhere”

Don’t be afraid Bachelor’s State.. Nick Viol I’m not worried about the future of the franchise in the rocky months.

“I don’t think it goes anywhere,” a season 21 bachelor’s degree, 40, said in an episode of his “Viall Files” on Tuesday, April 20th. Podcast.. “There’s no talk of’Oh, let’s stop the show’. They answer that by adding another season.”

Twice Single The runner-up was chatting with the writer Dave Holmes About many recent dramas of the show, including the host Chris Harrison Temporary end of show, Season 25 winner Rachel Carconel’s With the controversial history of social media Colton Underwood Announcement He is gay. Just this week Single Alum Blake Holstman He said I think the show will end rear Michelle Young’s The second half of this year.

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Private fans also wonder if the franchise can continue without inevitably increasing problems, but Viall doesn’t think these potential problems will upset the show.

“People talk about casting at the show,” he said. “I know what their casting process is. They spend far more money than any other reality TV show and have a much more powerful screening process.”

former Dance with the stars Contestants pointed out that the casting department scrutinizes applicants’ own social media, but has a poor ability to view their history as recorded in other people’s accounts.

“You see Rachel K’s situation. Some Her problematic situation It didn’t come from her socialization, but from someone else’s socialization, “he explained. “It never works what Rachel did, but I’m sure there will be another problematic casting in the future, not because they’re doing it intentionally. “

Nick Viol is confident in the future of his bachelor's degree
Nick Viol in the 21st season of “Bachelor’s Degree”. ABC / Craig Sjodin

Viol also talked about the future of the show without Harrison (49). Harrison announced that he would “leave” the franchise after defending Kirk Connell, 24. Talk about her racist Instagram comments Former bachelor Rachel Lindsay..

“I’m sure there’s a part to miss that Chris’s professionalism and traditional hosting experience look a bit sloppy, but maybe people will enjoy its credibility,” he said, a native of Texas. Added that he finds it wonderful in his work. ..

“”Emmanuelle [Acho] Did a great job [After the Final Rose]”Viall talked about the pre-recorded season ender that aired in March. “But AFR live? I don’t think people value … the skills involved and how good Chris is with it.And how … if they come back to life AFRs And if Chris isn’t hosting it, it may not be that pretty. “

While much of the recent criticism has focused on Harrison, Viall argued that the host didn’t really do much behind-the-scenes work when it came to how the show worked. “I know he has producer credits, but he hasn’t cast and picked dates. He hasn’t done them,” he said. “If you want to criticize the show, that’s fine, but Chris hasn’t made them. He hasn’t decided. They think they’re great TV, so he’s out in front of everyone. No. He’s the host of the show. He has a boss and a producer and he’s just leading it. “

Single I will return to ABC on Monday, June 7th at 8 pm. Taisia ​​Adams And Caitlin Bristow Fill in for Harrison.

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“Bachelor’s degree” franchise “I won’t go anywhere”

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