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When students return to class, they deal with a variety of emotions. Here’s how to help you prepare:

As a Student Teacher Assistant Network (STAN) Counselor in San Antonio — North East Independent School District, Cathy Johnson meets students who have dealt with a variety of emotions and experiences over the past year.

Some students felt isolated during virtual learning, while others said they were overwhelmed by balancing school and work and helping their siblings. Many have dealt with the loss of loved ones and anxiety about coronavirus concerns.

As the new school year begins, some of those situations change, but many students still need help. Some, even more.

“I think some kids are anxious. Some kids feel far behind. Some kids will be anxious about COVID again and don’t wear masks,” Johnson said. Told. “Then you don’t have to worry because you have kids in masks. Some kids are worried because they are worried about their families.”

Johnson recommends starting a conversation about returning to school early, regardless of grade. Return the students to their sleep routine and ask how they are doing. If possible, take them to a school or classroom before the start of the school year. Finally, make sure they know that it’s okay to be nervous, and be aware of your own emotions.

“Some parents may also feel uneasy,” Johnson said. “Make sure your anxiety doesn’t reach your kids and students, because they feed you, and be as positive as you can. Check with them-” Back on a scale of 1. How do you feel about it? -10, how nervous are you? And when they say 10, think “what can you do to make you feel better?” Maybe I will go to school for that. “

She told KENS5, “Talk to your child, find out what they are worried about, write it down and make a plan, but the important thing is to talk to your school counselor. We know. We know what to do, and we’ll take the baby’s step back to school. “

Listen to more Johnson’s advice here:

Back to School | Helping students prepare emotionally Source link Back to School | Helping students prepare emotionally

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