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Seattle, Washington 2021-06-01 12:37:00 –

In recent years, the region’s affordable housing task force estimates that King County will need a total of 244,000 homes by 2040. There was a service for low-income households.

Home advocate and market expert Peter Orser said cities like Bellevue, with their economies and populations growing significantly, are making only “small advances” towards that goal. .. For example, in 2020, more than 300 new homes were built in Bellevue.

“We can’t keep up with financial success,” Orser said.

Today, cities are individually aware of the need for increased housing capacity and are seeking to encourage real estate owners to invest in ancillary housing units.

ADU is, so to speak, a backyard cottage, a mean word for “mother-in-law.” Detached houses are small but basically equipped with the same facilities as ordinary houses.

Orser said the ADU is in favor of the city. He also said it would allow homeowners to manage their property more safely.

However, the city handles ADU incentives in different ways throughout the county. Each city has different building codes and requirements, which in some cases can interfere with the building process and even the purpose of the building.

Orser said some municipalities, such as Auburn, require at least one street parking space per ADU. This is probably intended to reduce road use, but it may not be feasible for certain properties.

He said other cities are currently banning ADUs from lending to tenants, which may have negated the financial incentives for many to invest.

The Siteline Institute, a non-profit research institute, said 89 cities in the state also require owners to continue to live in either their original homes or ADU’s property.

The Sightline Institute has identified this requirement, along with the requirement for street parking space, as the two biggest barriers to ADU adoption.

In recent years, Seattle has changed its policy to allow multiple ADUs in its properties to allow short-term rental of units in violation of owner occupancy requirements and parking space allocation. The city has also reduced the regulatory burden of building an ADU by reducing the waiting period for building an ADU.

The Sightline Institute rated Seattle’s policy as the best in the country for ADU, comparing about 500 ADU permit applications filed in Seattle in 2020 with just 71 submitted in Bellevue. Than available housing units. According to the Siteline Institute, Bellevue maintains some of the region’s most burdensome ADU requirements.

They all have Bellevue’s requirement to install an ADU in their original home, parking space allocation, rent bans, and a three-year waiting period, all of which make it difficult for real estate owners to develop the housing units they need. Claims to create a condition.

According to Orser, part of King County’s housing problem is not only the amount of housing, but also the lack of diverse housing options. He said that increasing the variety of housing options is common in the market. It also helps with affordable prices, and said ADU could be part of that solution.

Aaron Pickus, a spokesperson for Coalition For More Housing Choices, said ADU not only expands housing capacity, but also contributes to different types of families and living conditions.

For example, if family members are older than they can be self-reliant, ADU allows them to live closer to their family instead of moving to a long-term care facility. Or, in the situation of group living in the purlin, the necessary caretaker can live in the backyard cottage.

Backyard cottages might offer a partial solution to King County’s housing problem Source link Backyard cottages might offer a partial solution to King County’s housing problem

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