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Backyard greenhouses are growing into homeowners

The Pacific coast of British Columbia, known for its fierce summers, also gets chilly during the planting season. Emily Yuchuk’s desire to build a greenhouse took hold when the saplings monopolized her kitchen and dining room, similar to the March 2020 pandemic epidemic.

“Being at home all day gave me a lot of time to do things in the garden and in the garden,” says the three 34-year-old mothers. Last year, Yuchuk and her husband Tim Yuchuk, 41, built a beginner’s greenhouse in a 6,000-square-foot, five-bedroom, four-bathroom home on an acre of Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. .. Then she realized that she needed a larger greenhouse to accommodate planting, photography and entertainment.

Her second iteration, the Cottage Model by BC Greenhouse Builders, was built this February. It is 192 square feet and 12 feet high and costs around $ 20,000. The cost included additional ventilation, double storefront doors, pressure caps, hardware, etc., but did not include installation and concrete foundations.

“I learned a lot about what worked and what didn’t work in the first greenhouse. When it came to designing the second greenhouse, I knew exactly what to change,” Yewchuk said. Mr. says.

Historically, elaborate, Gorgeous greenhouse Manufactured for high society homes while a more practical version was run by a commercial agronomist.Today, home gardeners and plant lovers alike Build and maintain them In their own backyard. According to Angela Drake of BC Greenhouse Builders, Yewchuk’s greenhouse manufacturer and supplier based in Sally, British Columbia, the company’s website traffic has increased by 177% over the past year. She says more than 75% of that growth comes from US customers. Maintaining the structure is easy, but “the difficulty is the learning curve to grow and maintain temperature, humidity, and exposure to sunlight. This is a scientific experiment and it takes a year to understand the changing seasons. “I will,” says Drake.

“When the garden goes dormant in winter, the greenhouse comes alive,” said garden enthusiast and decorator Bunny Williams in Falls Village, Connecticut, who bought a 25-foot x 50-foot metal frame 25 years ago. Hosting a greenhouse in For less than $ 10,000 from WH Milikowski (now Griffin GreenhouseSupplies). Williams’ three-bedroom home is surrounded by studios, refurbished barns, greenhouses, and gardens on 22 acres of land that have been accumulated for over 30 years. “What I tried to make as attractive as possible was a more commercial greenhouse,” she says of the greenhouse’s wooden borders and trims. “It works beautifully.”

What keeps these enthusiasts hooked all year round is the challenge of procuring and growing exotic varieties. For Williams, who is in her 70s and maintains an interior design practice and home in Manhattan with her husband, John Rosselli, in her 80s, the greenhouse was where she dug, cut and bred her plants.

Williams in the greenhouse.


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Recently, it has become a showcase for all the rare specimens she has shown a trend during the blockade, including one of her favorites, the bear’s ear. Williams admits that her gardening habits are extravagant. “I don’t buy expensive art and jewelery. I’ve become a plant collector,” she says. The collection includes orchids, succulents, passionflowers and geraniums. “As I always say, the house is one thing. You can dust it once a week, which is fine, but everything alive needs daily care.”

Horticulturist Deborah Manson, 63, is the gardener of Twin Maples, an idyllic land in Salisbury, Connecticut, built in 1996 by Douglas Thomas and his late husband Wilmer Thomas.

With views of Litchfield Hills, Twin Maple incorporates 40 acres of wildflower meadows, with formal footprint-based grounds and Georgian homes designed by the late decorator David Easton. Surrounded by both a reflecting pool and a swimming pool, a terrace and a formal garden, the custom greenhouse is anchored in a flower and vegetable garden.

Mrs. Thomas and Mrs. Easton chose North Carolina handmade bricks for their walled gardens to match the exterior of the main building. The metal pergola that marks the entrance to the greenhouse was manufactured by Battle Hill Forge in Millerton, NY. By September, the structure will be wrapped in sweet autumn clematis, fragrant and in full bloom.

Mrs. Thomas’s 1,040 sq ft version is slightly taller than a traditional estate greenhouse, Agritechnove Inc. And was built by Frank Jonkman and Sons Ltd. (now JGS Ltd.). Coordinate heating, ventilation, shading, irrigation and mist systems. It also incorporates separate warm and cold zones, a potted hut and an external cold frame, and a protected box structure where roots grow and seeds germinate. A rooftop meteorological station monitors wind speed, direction, temperature, humidity, and ambient light levels.

When the pandemic struck, interior designer Thomas O’Brien and his husband, designer Danfink, moved to a home on Long Island in Bellport, New York. In 2015, the couple built a walled garden and greenhouse there. The garden walls are made of $ 25,000 Glen-Gery bricks. Customized by BC Greenhouse Builders, the 114 sq ft StraightEave Greenhouse costs $ 8,700.

“My greenhouse isn’t big, but I wanted to make it special. It’s incredibly convenient,” O’Brien said of a traditional one-way roof with a cross-country frame. I am. This is essentially a backyard model painted in chic shades of dark green.

Thomas O’Brien’s obsession with the walled gardens was partly inspired by English gardener Russell Page and his English style.


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“I wanted it to look vintage and classic,” he says. Greenhouse details include an antique black slate sink found in Bar Harbor, Maine, and a custom wooden panel door also painted green. The combination of roses, palms, figs, peonies, sunflowers and herbs from Peconic River Herb Farm in Calverton, NY is just one of O’Brien’s favorite plants.

“We stayed home all winter, so I was able to stay there every day throughout the season,” says O’Brien.

57-year-old landscape designer Catherine Herman built a greenhouse on her property in Fairfield, Connecticut in 2016 at a cost of approximately $ 324,000. “Greenhouses smell, temperature, light, and humidity differently than outdoors. Once you step into one, it’s magical because you’re in a completely different environment,” says Harman.

The customized greenhouse is located near the garage behind the 6-acre site. She and her husband, Ron Herman, 58, purchased in 1998 for $ 950,000. The main building is 4,000 sq ft, with four bedrooms and 5½ bathrooms, and an additional 2,000 sq ft guesthouse has been created for friends and family.

Herman’s custom greenhouse floor is made of blue stone.


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Harman’s 500-square-foot metal-framed Alitex greenhouse is equipped with Wi-Fi, warm-up and cooling sections, and a heating system with sensors that monitor temperature and keep it below 80 degrees Celsius. ..

“Ventilation is everything,” says Harman. The greenhouse automatically opens and closes the roof vents. Electric sensors, on the other hand, measure the climate that is most suitable for her plant. “Air circulation is so important that plants don’t get sick,” says Harman. Located on the east-west axis, the building is south-facing and the built-in cold frame is also exposed to the greatest sun.

“The greenhouse is where I spend most of my time because I added it, even in the summer,” says Harman.

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Backyard greenhouses are growing into homeowners

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