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Backyard pools face delays, chlorine prices go up in Las Vegas as demand during pandemic increases – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-05-01 01:09:02 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — As the temperature rises, many in Las Vegas want to swim in the backyard pool. However, many of them are not yet ready.

Experts say it’s all due to the high demand for home improvement projects, including backyard pools, coupled with some production issues last year.

“It’s definitely getting hot, and I wish I could do that,” said Las Vegan Jared MacArthur.

It’s the pool season in Las Vegas. However, it is still impossible to take a dip in MacArthur’s backyard. He is renovating the pool, but some materials are not currently available.

“It will be about two weeks late,” MacArthur said.

The explanation he got?

“The pandemic is ruining the entire supply chain of many industries,” MacArthur said.

The new pool under construction is also affected by this. Experts say the demand for backyard pools has skyrocketed as the coronavirus keeps people home. Henderson resident David McFitters says the construction of his pool is currently in a waiting pattern.

“We are about nine jobs behind,” McFeeters said. “That’s to be expected, as all other homes now look like they’re building a pool.”

This all means that the local pool contractor is busy.

“We are absolutely blamed,” said Justin Forrester, designer and consultant at Las Vegas Pools & Spas LLC.

Justin Forrester — Las Vegas Pool & Spa LLC.

Forrester says another problem lies on the horizon. It’s chlorine deficient. This is partly due to a fire in a chemical plant in Louisiana last year.

“In addition to the great demand of people seeking swimming pools, with that … prices have risen from perhaps $ 90 in tab buckets to 120, 130,” Forrester said.

It’s unclear when things will return to normal, but MacArthur is doing what he can to stay ahead, such as getting an additional bucket of chlorine tablets.

“They had inventory there, but it was certainly higher than when I last bought it,” MacArthur said.

There are systems that can be installed in the pool to reduce the need for chlorine, such as salt water and UV systems. Las Vegas Pools & Spas LLC says they are installing more of them in the pools they are working on, so you need to remember that when the shortage goes away.

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