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Possum’s cutest photo to date, or the only cute photo of the only member of marsupials in the United States, is headlined in a post on the Clovis Animal Services Facebook page with the following message:

“Opossums may look scary, but it’s actually helpful to be around! Let us know if you’re injured. If not, you can leave it alone. Unknown. Call us if you have any questions. — (559) 324-2450. “

The Facebook post is part of the ongoing Crovis Animal Services “Animal Care Model Community” education program on social media, said Megan Harlan, Clovis Animal Services Officer.

More daytime activities

According to experts, possums become more active during warm winter days, which can lead to increased human encounters with normally nocturnal creatures.

In response to a Facebook post from Animal Services, one commenter pointed out that infected possum feces can be fatal to horses.

The possum message is aimed at urban dwellers who do not livestock, but it is somewhat when one of the furry creatures walks in the backyard or balances on a fence. You may be anxious.

Clean up the cat food

According to Harlan, possums are useful because they nod to rodents, snails, spiders, and other insects. (Should I eat more weight with mosquitoes?)

They also want the food that cat owners have left outside for their kittens. This is “like offering a free buffet,” says Harlan.

Therefore, if you don’t want to put possums in your yard, she said, cover all food containers and start feeding cats and other pets indoors.

Regarding their appearance: Harlan agrees that Possum looks a bit like a mouse at first glance. But they should also be recognized as the only representatives of the clan in America, including kangaroos, koalas, and Tasmanian devils.

Possum is not offensive, the American Animal Welfare Association states on its website. “The defensive swoosh of their mouth is just a bluff to look malicious, and if that doesn’t work, they play dead when they’re really scared,” the organization says.

Ugly or cute, the best way to deal with possums is to leave them alone, and they will leave you alone, Harlan said.

Backyard Possums are Active. Clovis Animal Agency Says Let Them Be. Source link Backyard Possums are Active. Clovis Animal Agency Says Let Them Be.

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