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“Bad Beat” Poker Progressive Hits at Red Rock Casino – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-06-22 17:11:44 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Station Casino Jumbo Hold’em Poker “Bad Beat” Progressive hit at Red Rock Casino around 3:41 pm on Tuesday, paying a total of $ 306,939.

The losing hand was a quad queen and the winning hand was a queen high straight flush. The winning hand earned $ 30,686 and the losing hand earned $ 46,029.

All eight players at the table earn $ 1,918 each, and all poker guests across the Station Casino poker room playing at that time earn $ 1343 each, including all players at the winning table. did.

A “loser” with a qualifying hand wins 15% of the jackpot, and a winning qualifying hand wins 10%.

The player remaining on the table at the time of the hit split 5% of the jackpot, and all other active players split the remaining 70% throughout the station casino poker room.

At the time, the Red Rock poker room had 70 qualified players, the Boulder Station room had 34 qualified players, and the Santa Fe Station room had 56 qualified players. did.

Station Casino Jumbo Hold’em Poker “Bad Beat” Progressive is growing every day. Progressive has defeated Quad 4 and has been reset to over $ 260,000.

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