Bahula Fort

Bahula Fort

Carved steps of Bahula

                                         Bahula Fort

Bahula Fort is a fort housed in the sprawling city of Nasik, Maharashtra. Maharashtra is home to several forts of political and strategic importance. This state in India was the hub of power of the famous and powerful Maratha Kingdom. Thus, this explains the presence of these many forts in here.

The beauty and antiquity of the Bahula fort is mesmerizing. It is situated atop a hill which is at a height of 3165 feet or 965 meters from the ground. Bahula Fort is a hill fort. The area in which this fort is housed is about 16 km from Nasik. Access to this fort was an issue in early days. But now there exists an easy and accessible approach to reach the beautiful Bahula Fort. Bahula Fort is presently under Indian Army’s possession. Firing practices are conducted in this area.

More about the Bahula Fort

Bahula fort has a very interesting access path which comprises of a road up the rock which has steep steps. These steps are within the area of around 5 meters. The fort has several interesting elements. These include a huge storage area which served as a granary. The top portion of the fort is small and houses a ruined arch too. There is water storage facility in the fort. Bahula Fort is a very well-fortified structure. Seekers of adventure and thrilling experiences must visit Bahula Fort once in their lifetime.

Things to do at Bahula Fort

Bahula Fort is one unexplored tourist destinations. This place has a lot in store for a tourist to explore. But there aren’t many who know about this jewel of a place. When in here one can enjoy moments of ultimate awe and bliss.

The very structure of this fort is a treat to the eyes. This ancient fort still stands strong and has endured the fates of a several years. Thus, Bahula Fort is a prime location for people who like exploring historical monuments. For such people Bahula Fort must be on their list. Some parts of this fort are in ruins but majority of the structure is intact.

The fact that it is situated atop a hill gives a traveler ample opportunities to experience nature and also capture it at different angles. The view from this fort is indeed panoramic. So, Bahula Fort is a photographer’s paradise. Any person with the basic knowledge of photography will definitely find a million wonderful subjects and landscapes to click and capture.

As mentioned earlier the way up the fort is indeed a difficult path. One has to hike up the steep and huge rock cut steps in order to reach the fort. Thus, the Bahula Fort is ‘the’ location for adventure fanatics. One can visit this place with likeminded friends and enjoy the hike up the fort during weekends. The best time of the year to visit Bahula Fort is during winters. Summers are too hot and humid and the monsoon season can be risky for the hikers. Winters portray an altogether wonderful view of this place.

Bahula Fort

Bahula Fort is the practice area of Devlali Artillery Centre. The strong and rigid fort walls are the best targets to practice firing. This practice is carried out on all days of the week except on Sundays. So, one must hike up the Bahula Fort on Sundays itself.

Since, the Artillery centre is at a distance of 45 km from the fort, the fort walls are the best targets to practice. Many a time the bombs used to go beyond the fort walls while firing, banging the village housed on the base of the fort. As a result of which the village was shifted to prevent causalities.

A Tourist’s Guide

The best time of the week to visit Bahula Fort is on Sundays. The nearest railway station from the fort is Nasik Road Railway Station which is at a distance of 26 km from. The nearest airport form here is Gandhinagar International Airport. The airport is 24.5 km from Bahula Fort. One can find a wide array of accommodation options at Nasik.

Bahula Fort is one of the highly unexplored treasures housed in the state of Maharashtra. One must pay a visit to this place to uncover the beauty and antiquity of Bahula Fort.

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