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Tampa, Florida 2021-11-30 19:19:03 –

Tampa, Florida — “Dangerous Crime”. That’s what state law firms say Robert Kessler has been accused. And with a 10-page plea to the judge, they say that’s why he should stay in jail while he waits for the trial.

Kessler has been charged with a second murder and corpse abuse in connection with the death of Stephanie Krone Oberholtz.

ABC Action News spoke with Pamella Seay, a professor of law at Florida Gulf Coast University. She has nothing to do with the case, but says the prosecution’s documents are convincing.

“Prosecutors continue to show that the man is likely to be convicted in court,” she said. Bail here. “

According to the document, between November 7th and 9th, there are some witnesses who saw a man who looked like Kessler dropped a tote bin and emptied a garbage bag into McKay Bay.

And the court records continue that the cell phone tower placed Kessler in its place when witnesses said they saw Kessler.

Two days later, parts of the body belonging to Crone-Overholts began to be washed away in the bay. According to police, her blood was also found in Kessler’s house.

That may seem like a pity, but Seay tells ABC Action News that Kessler’s lawyers have some possible defenses.

“They are absolutely convinced that he was the one who threw his body part into the water. It wasn’t very clear if he was the one who actually killed him,” she said.

In a newly released document, Kessler’s elected lawyer states that the state’s allegations are controversial because Kessler has not been convicted of these crimes. They also argue that there is no evidence that he is dangerous to the masses and therefore should be released prior to his trial under “reasonable conditions.”

“This may have been a crime of passion. If so, there is no further danger to the community,” Shii said.

Kessler’s pretrial detention trial is set for Wednesday at 2:00 pm.

A court document released Tuesday afternoon indicates that Kessler has waived his right to attend the hearing.

ABC Action News has contacted the Public Defender Office for comment. We look forward to your reply.

Bail battle brewing for man accused of murder, dismemberment Source link Bail battle brewing for man accused of murder, dismemberment

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