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Denver — A Colorado bakery, which won a partial victory in the U.S. Supreme Court’s refusal to make a same-sex couple’s wedding cake in 2018, refused to make a transgender woman’s birthday cake. Violated state anti-discrimination law. A state judge has ruled.

In a decision on Tuesday, Judge A. Bruce Jones of the Denver district said Autumn Scardina was blue on the outside and blue on the inside to celebrate her birthday transsexual because her transgender status violates the law. He said the pink cake was rejected. Jack Phillips said he couldn’t make a cake because of the message, but Jones said the case was a refusal to sell the product, not a compulsory speech.

He pointed out that Phillips testified at a March trial that he didn’t think anyone could change gender and wouldn’t celebrate “the one who thinks he can.”

“The anti-discrimination law has historically been mistreated and members of our society, who have even been deprived of even the daily right to access businesses to purchase products, are no longer treated as” others. The purpose is to do so. “Jones wrote.

Philips Defending Freedom, a group representing Philips, said Wednesday that it would appeal against a ruling ordering a $ 500 fine. The maximum fine for each Colorado antitrust violation is $ 500. However, it was not clear from the ruling whether it was a fine for the two attempts Skaldina made to order the cake, or a one-time fine.

Kristen Wagoner, a corporate lawyer for the group, said in a statement, “Extreme activists and government officials do not promote messages about marriage or sexuality that violate their core beliefs, so artists like Jack. Is targeted. “

Attorney Skaldina tried to order the cake on the same day of 2017, the same day the US Supreme Court announced that it would hear Philips’ appeal in a wedding cake proceeding. Skaldina said he wanted to “challenge the credibility” of the Philips statement to serve LGBT customers, but the attempt to get the cake was in a “setting” aimed at filing a lawsuit. It wasn’t, Jones said.

John McHugh, one of Scardina’s lawyers, said the case wasn’t just about what happened to her, but about how LGBT people are treated.

“It’s about a publicly open business that simply tells all classes of people in the community that your identity as to who you are is dissent,” he said. It was.

Baker fined for refusing to make transgender transition cake – The Denver Post Source link Baker fined for refusing to make transgender transition cake – The Denver Post

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