Balaji Temple

Balaji Temple

                                     Balaji Temple

Nasik is a land of beautiful temples. It is said that during ‘samudra manthan’ i.e. churning of rivers the nectar of immortality had fallen. It is also known as the Banaras of South India. The city of Banaras is considered as the holiest city of India. It houses several temples of importance. Similarly, Nasik too is a hub spirituality. Nasik is also one of the places where Lord Ram had spent a part of his exile with his wife and brother. As a result of which several temples devoted to Lord Ram are in existence in Nasik. In addition to this the most devoted devotee of Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman is also worshipped here. One such temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman is the Balaji Temple. Balaji is a form of Lord Hanuman. One can find ardent devotees of Balaji in South India. Nasik too has this wonderful temple on the banks of the holy river Godavari.

More about Balaji Temple

Balaji Temple has a spectacular architecture. It is a temple constructed recently and thus it reflects elements of the modern temple architectural style. It is extremely spacious and can accommodate a large number of visitors and pilgrims. The temple complex is also very well-maintained and clean. The temple is painted in mild colours which seem soothing to the eyes.

Balaji Temple has a great assembly hall. Visitors can sit in here and enjoy the serenity of the place. The ones who seek calm and quiet are most welcome in the Balaji Temple. The architecture of this temple reflects tranquility. One can sit in the hall and soak in the beauty of this place.

The idol of Lord Balaji is a divine sight. A mere look at it has the potential to make one forget about ones worries and swim in the ocean of divinity. The idol is make using black stone. It is adorned with beautiful ornaments and gems. Devotees come and seek the blessings of their beloved Lord from different parts of Maharashtra and different parts of India. A visit to the Balaji Temple of Nasik gives one a nostalgic feeling of ones visit to the celebrated Tirupati Temple at Andra Pradesh. So, if you are a spiritual person then you must visit this temple as it caters to every necessity that a devotee seeks from a place of religious importance. The grandeur of Balaji Temple is extremely divine and wonderful.

The temple is a host to several religious festivals. A visit to Balaji Temple during any of these festivals will definitely be a wonderful experience. The Lakshadeep festival is celebrated with great pomp and show here.

Things to do in and around Balaji Temple

Balaji Temple is situated along the River Godavari. This very river is considered extremely pious. Rivers in India hold a lot of spiritual importance. They are considered as sacred as Gods. The reason behind this that India is primarily an agricultural state and agriculture depends upon a good source of water and fertile land. Rivers and banks of rivers served this purpose nicely. The river side is one place around this temple where visitors can sit in solitude or amongst friends and share a conversation. It is also a wonderful spot for taking pictures. Thus, Balaji Temple is a wonderful location for photography fanatics.

In addition to this there also exists a waterfall near the Balaji Temple. This waterfall attracts a large number of tourist. One can take pictures and have a fun time with friends and family here. Balaji Temple gives one the opportunity to savor both natural beauty and a divine spiritual experience.

A Tourist’s Guide

Balaji Temple is open on all days of the week. The nearest railway head from here is Nasik Road Railway Station and the nearest airport from this temple is Gandhinagar Military Airport. One can easily find cab facility here. The temple has a well-maintained parking area. The entire temple complex is very clean and serene. If you are planning to stay overnight then it’s not a problem too. Nasik hosts several options of comfortable hotels for the tourist to choose from.

Balaji Temple is a beautiful temple and if you in search of peace and calm then this temple is your pick.

Vaagisha Singh

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