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Balenciaga debuts new object line

Balenciaga has taken the concept of fashion accessories to a whole new level. The house has developed a new non-wearable object line that is introduced individually throughout the year.

The first item on the new line, the metal engraving of the Home Track.2 sneakers-Photo: Balenciaga

The first Balenciaga object to debut on Friday, November 20th is a metal engraving of the exact shape of the brand’s size 41 Track.2 sneakers.

The 2.5 kg limited edition sneaker is made in Italy by soldering 16 brass castings, sealing and coating with palladium.

This first Balenciaga object is available in limited edition and only 20 Track.2 engravings are available worldwide. This perhaps collector’s item is retailed on the brand’s site for € 4,900.

This announcement presents the latest conceptual twist by Balenciaga’s acclaimed creative director Demna Gvasalia. Demna Gvasalia already offers Balenciaga Happy Rat or Miniloc earrings or polyamide lace-free socks / sneakers.

In the release, Balenciaga designed the objects to be “category of items produced outside the fashion collection … from collectable treasures to items for everyday use at home or on the move, timeless.

“Palladium and brass sculptures (sneakers), part of the Object Dart lineage that recontexts everyday products, are a bronze baby shoe souvenir and a Dadaist Readymade cloth, a functional Balenciaga sneaker. Turn into an inflexible solid. With reference to a particular location of the original shoe in popular culture and everyday life, this metal version … hints at the decisive sentimental value of the designed product and the state of the trophy. “I will,” the house insisted.

Tristan Tzara wouldn’t have been able to make it better.

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Balenciaga debuts new object line

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