Ballet Hawaii cancels live performance of the Nutcracker due to COVID-19 – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2020-11-26 01:59:59 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — With COVID-19, Ballet Hawaii has canceled the annual Nutcracker live performance at the Neil S. Brycedel Center.

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“We knew early on that we couldn’t stand on stage,” said Ballet Hawaii Artistic Director Pamela Taylorton.

This announcement was disappointing for the dancers, but not surprising.

“I think it was unavoidable because I couldn’t go to the theater. Even if everyone was on stage, I had to be six feet apart,” Taylor Ton said of the dance during the pandemic. He talked about the difficulty.

Aria Kaneshige has been dancing in Ballet Hawaii for 11 years.

Kaneshige’s Nutcracker doesn’t feel like Christmas.

“Once on Blazedel’s stage, listen to the symphonies, watch the amazing stage set, and dance in beautiful costumes in the snow in front of the live audience. To be honest, it feels great,” Kaneshige said. I look back. Past years. “It’s a very magical experience and without it it wouldn’t feel like Christmas.”

But during the pandemic, Ballet Hawaii sought to be creative.

The dance school offers online zoom classes.

“I’m definitely challenging because I don’t always have the right floor or surface, or enough space. I accidentally kicked the closet door a few times while trying to dance in the room. “Kaneshige said. It’s like taking a ballet class online.

Ballet Hawaii has recently begun offering small, face-to-face outdoor ballet classes.

Artistic director Pamela Taylor Ton said there is no live performance of the Nutcracker, but the dance school plans to bring past recordings to state-wide television screens.

“We’re working on a video, which has interactions and storylines,” she said. “We plan to incorporate 2016 [Nutcracker] That was our best presentation, “explained Taylor Tong.

Kaneshige plays in a recorded version of the Ballet Hawaii Nutcracker.

“I can’t show you the Nutcracker, so it’s a 55-minute video. In fact, I’ll play Clara at first,” Kaneshige said.

Ballet Hawaii said the Nutcracker wouldn’t go anywhere while the curtains were down.

“We need to keep hope, pass it, go back to action, and believe that the Nutcracker will follow,” said Taylor Tong. “I’m looking forward to introducing the Nutcracker in the video.”

Ballet Hawaii said it is currently working on a recording version of the Nutcracker. Visit our website to find out when and where you can watch.

Ballet Hawaii cancels live performance of the Nutcracker due to COVID-19 Source link Ballet Hawaii cancels live performance of the Nutcracker due to COVID-19

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