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Ballot Buckner sales tax increases 3 times a year – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2020-10-29 19:15:09 –

Buckner, Missouri — A proposal to raise the sales tax in Buckner City by 1% has been voted for the third time in a year.

First vote last November 145-145 ended with a tie, Will cause the initiative to fail.

The city returned the measure to voting in June, but failed again.

Those who agree with the proposal want a third appeal.

“I think I need it,” said Corey Butts, a resident of Buckner. “It’s bad, the roads are badly shaped, and it’s not the only road. There are lots of potholes in the town and lots of drainage problems.”

There are also signs of support for this proposal from some downtown companies.

Anita Jonas, who owns the Clarity Gluten Free Shop, said there was a sign on the window so people could understand where the money was going.

Jonas said she doesn’t care about VAT because most of her business isn’t from the people who live in the town.

“Probably 90-95% of my customers don’t come from Buckner, so the extra 1% here won’t come out of the locals’ pockets,” Jonas said.

“This tax will affect everyone, not just Buckner’s residents, so everyone is helping to make Buckner better,” Butts said. ..

The city told 41 Action News that expenses continued to rise and taxes would generate about $ 220,000 a year, which would be used for general revenue. It will help the city’s infrastructure, the police station and build a fund for rainy days.

The city last saw a tax increase in 1979.

Some Buckner residents have not participated in this proposal and are wary of where the money goes.

“I’m just encouraging everyone to move forward. Let’s take this step and move Buckner in the direction we need to make our city better,” Butts said.

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