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Baltimore, Maryland (WEAA) — Mayor Brandon Scott has announced a new summer internship program for high school students focused on increasing financial opportunities for young people in Baltimore and expanding access to careers in the technology sector.

“Bolchmore is home to the growing technology industry, and such partnerships show the power of local governments, nonprofits and the private sector to mobilize for the benefit of our youth,” Brandon said. Mayor M. Scott said. “In order to pave the way for Baltimore youth to pursue their careers, we must continue to build partnerships across this discipline, which is undoubtedly in building a fairer and more prosperous city. Let’s do it. ”

Baltimore Tracks, a 6-week paid pilot program, is facilitated in partnership with YouthWorks.

In the first year of the program, 12 students will be assigned to one of 10 local technology companies, according to city officials.

During the internship, students will be trained by two nonprofits. Run the code at school and turn on IT.

“The involvement and collaboration that led to the creation of these internships for Citi School students on our IT pathway is for Citi Schools, the industry, and the community to jointly build a pathway for strategic careers. That’s exactly what we want to continue to nurture throughout the city, said Kumashi Vines, Director of Career Preparation at Baltimore Municipal School.

“At Code in the Schools, we know the fact that talent is everywhere, but opportunities aren’t. We see it every day. The young people who participate in our program are very He has a lot of talent and is just waiting for the opportunity, “said Gretchen Legrand. Code in the Schools CEO “The Baltimore Tracks internship pilot is a great start, with this group of tech companies that young people will be working on this summer and their projects. We are very excited about the ideas we put in. “

“The key to creating a truly diverse technology workforce is exposure. However, many young people in Baltimore have never been given access to high-tech career areas. They are on a life-changing career path. Missing the opportunity to enter. Companies are also missing out on bright and talented job seekers who, if they have the opportunity, can make a significant contribution to the efforts of the organization. “ Professor Willie Sanders, Executive Director of Pass IT On, said: “That’s why this partnership and program is so important that it helps remove the barriers to exposure that prevent many children from achieving good results.

This internship also provides students with the opportunity to learn how to work with artificial intelligence, build websites, and code with JavaScript and CSS.

Jody Ally, senior at the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute, said: It’s a pleasure to see my code work and others enjoy using it. ”

Theodore Bailey, a recent graduate of Edmondson Westside High School, is looking forward to an internship and how the internship will affect his future. “Technology is really intriguing and focused. It keeps you strong. Ultimately, you want to start your own web design business and help companies and organizations promote their services more effectively. Improve your technology and business skills. We look forward to this summer’s tech internship to keep you going and use your experience in the next steps of your career. ”

Michael Castagnola, Chief of Staff at SmartLogic and Baltimore Tracks, said: You can’t just rely on governments and nonprofits to solve social challenges. To tackle big challenges, we need to work together across sectors. In this case, young people in Baltimore need more access to future high-paying careers. “

Baltimore announces new summer internship to increase youth opportunities Source link Baltimore announces new summer internship to increase youth opportunities

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