Baltimore City’s Open Budget dashboard is now live – Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland 2021-07-18 04:09:21 –

The new digital tool aims to make the city of Baltimore’s budget allocation data available and provide it in a format that residents can easily digest.

Open budget Released on Friday by the city Office of Management and Budget.

This tool allows users to view data about the city’s operating budget, labor costs, annual facility costs, and capital budget., Funds for significant improvements in facilities and infrastructure. The data show the actual budget spending for fiscal year 2020 and the budget adopted for fiscal years 2021 and 2022.

The dashboard shows a snapshot of your spending plans, with easy-to-understand bold numbers that you can classify at a glance. The pie chart details where the funds for a particular institution come from and where they are expected to be sent. The data visualization element applies only to the budget for fiscal year 2022. To view data for fiscal year 2021 or 2020, users must scroll down to navigate their line items. However, given the city’s approach to open data tools, functional improvements may be imminent.

As Chief Data Officer of the City of Baltimore Justin Elszasz He told about his design philosophy on creating new dashboards and datasets for the city. a few weeks ago, “I’m sure that what we launch will not be perfect in the next few weeks. That’s fine for me. It’s about getting things out and how people are using them. I’m more interested in seeing. “

Budget tools follow the release of Open checkbook, Data tool This allows residents to track their spending in real time.

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Baltimore City’s Open Budget dashboard is now live Source link Baltimore City’s Open Budget dashboard is now live

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