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President Nick Mosby of the Baltimore City Council will return the money raised by the Legal Defense Fund, which was set up to benefit him and his wife, stop raising funds for the fund, and create a list of donors. A group of members of the city council said in a letter to be sent to Mosby on Saturday that the order of the Institutional Review Board should be followed.

Signed by six of the 15 council members of Christopher Burnett, Sieg Cohen, Ryan Dorsey, Filicia Porter, Odette Ramos, and James Torrens, the letter was published Thursday by the Baltimore Institutional Review Board. It reflects the request of the ordered instruction. Legal defense fund.

The Institutional Review Board has ruled that Mosby violates the city’s ethics law by indirectly accepting money into the fund from “managed donors.” Established To benefit him and his wife, state lawyer Marilyn Mosby. According to members of the Institutional Review Board, the Chairman of the Council also violated the Code of Ethics by indirectly seeking donations to the fund.

“We write to express to you the results of the Institutional Review Board’s findings in the investigation of the Mosby Trust you are beneficiary and our disappointment with your financial disclosure,” said a letter from a city council member. increase. The Baltimore Sun. “We commend the Board’s thorough reporting and diligent explanation of the law, facts and case law, and undoubtedly reveal a violation of the city’s ethical law.”

The Institutional Review Board ruled on Thursday on page 17 detailing two donations to the fund from city contractors that it considers to be controlled donors, one for $ 5,000 and the other for $ 100. bottom. As chairman of the council, Mosby oversees not only the legislature of the government, but also the estimation committee, which is Baltimore’s spending committee.

According to the Institutional Review Board, a controlled donor to the chairman of the council will attempt to do business with the city council, the office of the chairman of the council, the estimation committee, or the city government or quasi-government agency to which the chairman of the council belongs. Includes people. It also includes subcontractors who have or wish to do business with the above groups and who are engaged in activities regulated or controlled by those groups.

Mosby denied violating the city’s code of ethics.

“I’m completely embarrassed by the board’s findings,” he wrote Thursday. “The Board is fully aware that I have never asked, requested or solicited any donations to the’Legal Defense Fund’. “

The Institutional Review Board has given Mosby 30 days to stop all funding on his behalf and return all donations to the managed donors to the authorities managing the statutory defense fund, all to the fund. Instructed the donors’ committee to provide a list. Within 30 days, Mosby must take all the steps ordered to the Board of Directors “under the penalties for perjury” and prove that it will not accept any further payments from the Fund.

“The Institutional Review Board’s executive order provides a clear and direct path to remedy multiple ethical violations,” the council letter said. “For the trust and morale of both the public and the city council, we ask you to obey orders immediately and completely.”

The letter ceases to suggest any kind of action the group may ask the council chairman if he does not follow their wishes. The signatories represent some of the most liberal members of the fully democratic board.

If Mosby does not comply with the order, in accordance with the City’s Ethics Ordinance, the Institutional Review Board has the option of petitioning the Circuit Court to obey him on behalf of the mayor and city council. You can also fine up to $ 1,000 for each breach. Every day a breach occurs is considered a separate breach under the Ordinance.

The city council reserves the right to request a hearing. In the past, the city council had a permanent legislative investigation committee, but no such committee is currently in place. As chairman of the council, Mosby manages the establishment of the committee, the appointment of members of the committee, and the assignment of various bills and resolutions to the committee.

The Baltimore Charter also empowers the council to dismiss the chairman of the council, but the threshold is high.Three-quarters of board members vote [12 votes] After the mayor’s priority has been given to the city council’s legislative investigation committee, at least 20% of Baltimore’s qualified voters, or inspectors, have been given notice of these accusations and the opportunity for deliberation by the city council. .. “

Little is known about donors to the Legal Defense Fund, which began accepting donations in mid-2021. Such funds are outside the scope of state election law and instead comply with ethics ordinances and rules regarding gifts to civil servants.

According to the city’s Institutional Review Board, Mosby’s Legal Defense Fund received $ 14,352 donations from 135 individual donors as of March 15. The largest personal donation was a $ 5,000 donation from a “resident agent” to a contractor, a city-certified minority or female-owned company. The project is a subcontractor of transactions reviewed by the City’s Expenditure Commission in 2020 and is considered a donor managed by the Institutional Review Board.

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Prominent supporters and community leaders encourage donations by posting on Facebook and appearing in news conferences, but both Nick and Marilyn Mosby donate to the fund in the latest post-foundation ethical disclosure statement. Has not been reported.

A pair of prominent politicians have been the subject of a federal investigation into their finances after Marilyn Mosby was charged with false witnesses and two false statements to buy two properties in Florida in January. increase. Homes near Disney World and condos on the bay of the state.

Federal prosecutors have hurt themselves by Marilyn Mosby misrepresenting financial difficulties due to the coronavirus and withdrawing from her city’s retirement savings early and without penalty under federal CARES law. say. They also did not disclose the federal tax lien on a mortgage application for a real estate when she had already set up a company to operate as a rental company, another to secure low interest rates on homes near Orlando. He accused him of claiming to be his home.

Marilyn Mosby has been acquitted and will be tried this fall.

Nick Mosby said Thursday that he had “aggressively abandoned” his interest in the statutory defense fund and never received money.

Marilyn Mosby, a state lawyer, complies with state ethics ordinances similar to the city’s ethics ordinances. Jennifer Argale, Managing Director, was asked if the Maryland Institutional Review Board was investigating similar complaints with state lawyers, or if any findings were available. He said he would not comment or confirm the complaint or request for investigation.

Baltimore Sun reporter Lee O. Thunderlin contributed to this article.

Baltimore Council members to call on President Mosby to comply with ethics order regarding legal defense fund – Baltimore Sun Source link Baltimore Council members to call on President Mosby to comply with ethics order regarding legal defense fund – Baltimore Sun

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