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A candidate who participated in the Baltimore County Lawyer competition was accused by the Maryland Lawyer Disciplinary Commission in 2020 of recording part of his mobile court proceedings.

Democrat Robbie Leonard, who challenges incumbent Scott Schellenberger in the next primary, will be disciplined after recording expert witnesses while observing a civil lead painting trial at the Baltimore Circuit Court. received.

Schellenberger, In search of the 5th term As the county’s chief prosecutor, he quoted disciplinary action on Monday night when he attacked Leonard during the Candidate Forum.

A virtual event hosted by the Baltimore County Women’s Voter Federation and the Randallstown NAACP also touched on topics such as candidate job eligibility, juvenile justice issues, and prevention of repeat offenses.

Leonard did not respond to Schellenberger’s comments on the rebuke issued by the State Attorneys’ Complaints Commission during the forum. In a subsequent telephone interview with The Baltimore Sun, Leonard called the case a “minor breach” and said it was up to voters to decide how important it was.

Leonard, now a private lawyer, said rebuke is public information available to clients and others.

“Since then, I’ve never used a cell phone in court without the permission of a judge, but my clients have never been angry with my job or wanted to hire another lawyer based on it. “He said.

Rebuke is a public disciplinary action against a lawyer. According to a document posted on the Maryland Court System website, Leonard was called his full name, Robert Joseph Leonard, and was reprimanded for “engaged in acts that were detrimental to the judiciary.” I did.

“The defendant used his cell phone to record the proceedings, despite the prominent notices banning such actions throughout the courthouse,” the document said.

According to a more detailed rebuke letter sent to Leonard in 2020, Leonard was not involved in the 2019 trial, but attended to watch a defense expert cross-examination in preparation for another trial. Did. At the time, he was a plaintiff’s lawyer, dealing with lead paint cases.

According to the letter of rebuke, he used his cell phone to record a cross-examination of a defense expert who violated court rules for the use of cell phones. The judge called Leonard to the bench, and Leonard admitted that he had “recorded expert testimony using his cell phone and knew that the use of cell phones was banned.” “. He deleted the recording and left the courtroom at the request of the judge.


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“Next week we had a trial with the same expert witness,” Leonard said in an interview with Sun. Instead of getting a brush record from the court, he said, “I just recorded it myself.”

Schellenberger has not faced a primary election since being elected in 2006. Leonard is a secretary to the Democratic Party of Japan and a former public defender in Baltimore.

In an opening statement at the forum on Monday, Schellenberger also criticized Leonard for the mailer sent to county voters last week by Leonard’s campaign.

The mailer has pictures of more than a dozen officials who are said to have it. Approved Leonard. However, Schellenberger said Leonard “misrepresented” the support of Anthony Browne and Maryland Speaker Adrian Jones. Schellenberger said they both confirmed that they did not support Leonard.

After the forum, Leonard said authorities provided him with support, including holding a joint solicitation event in which volunteers handed out materials for his campaign.

“Technically, it’s my political misunderstanding that it doesn’t mean support,” Leonard said.

Two Republicans are also running on July 19th Primary: Deborah Hill and James A. Haynes.

Baltimore County state’s attorney candidate disciplined in 2020 for using cellphone to record a courtroom witness – Baltimore Sun Source link Baltimore County state’s attorney candidate disciplined in 2020 for using cellphone to record a courtroom witness – Baltimore Sun

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