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Green beltMaryland – A federal criminal accusation has been filed against Kyle David Robinson, 28, in Baltimore, Maryland, for a federal accusation of underage sex trafficking. When he first appeared in the US District Court in Greenbelt today, US Magistrate Judge Charles B. Day ordered Robinson to be detained until trial.

The criminal accusation was announced by Deputy Maryland Attorney Jonathan F. Renzner and Special Agent James R. Manxo of the Department of Homeland Security (HSI).

According to an affidavit filed in support of criminal charges, HSI special agents have given Baltimore individuals access to two teenage women (one a minor) for commercial sex purposes. I knew I could do it. The agent learned that Kyle Robinson was associated with a phone number allegedly used to communicate with a client interested in commercial sexual activity with a teenage woman.

On June 1, 2021, Undercover Investigator (UCA) contacted Robinson with the previously identified phone number. “I got a girl,” Robinson told UCA several times during the call, “they are young.” The man explained that two teenagers are available, both of which cost $ 1,000 an hour. The UCA offered to pay $ 500 in 30 minutes, and the man agreed. A tentative date of June 3, 2021 was agreed, and the affidavit stated that Robinson had to meet by 7:30 pm for the condition of one of the teenagers. Insist. When the UCA asked if the girl was “so young” to go home, Robinson was said to have said, “Yes, to one of them, it’s like that companion.” After the call, UCA received an image of one sexually explicit girl and an image of a young girl in a crop top.

Over the next few days, UCA exchanged phone calls and text messages with Robinson regarding the upcoming date of commercial sex, as detailed in the affidavit. On June 3, 2021, Robinson advised UCA that he was on the way, but was only an older girl because he could not reach a young girl. The UCA has requested that the date of commercial sex be postponed until both girls are available. Later that night, Robinson is said to have found a young girl and confirmed that she would be available on June 7, 2021. After a few more phone calls and text messages, Robinson agreed to meet UCA at the hotel. Robinson came to UCA’s room at around 4:10 with a minor woman who said she was 15 years old. After agreeing to accept $ 740 an hour with a minor woman, UCA paid Robinson and law enforcement entered the room to secure Robinson and the minor woman. Law enforcement agencies have executed search warrants against Robinson and his residence. Law enforcement has collected $ 740 in cash from Robinson, a cell phone from the front pocket, a key fob that fits the vehicle that drove to that location, and four keys. Robinson was arrested for sexual trafficking in minors.

The young woman Robinson brought to the hotel to engage in commercial sex with UCA was identified as 14 years old 8th Grader.

If convicted, Robinson faces a mandatory life imprisonment of 10 years in federal prison for sexual trafficking of minors. The actual judgment of a federal crime is usually less than the maximum penalty. Judges in the United States District Court make decisions after considering US decision guidelines and other statutory factors.

Criminal accusations are not found guilty. Individuals charged with criminal charges are presumed not guilty unless they are found guilty in subsequent criminal proceedings.

The case was investigated by law enforcement agencies that are members of the Maryland Trafficking Task Force, which was formed in 2007 to identify and prosecute criminals while discovering and rescuing victims of trafficking. It was. Members include members of federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies, victim service providers, and local communities. For more information on the Maryland Trafficking Task Force, please visit:

Report suspected trafficking cases to the HSI chipline at 866-DHS-2ICE (1-866-347-2423) or Online hint form.. In both cases, investigators are assigned 24 hours a day.

US lawyer Jonathan F. Lenzner praised HSI’s investigative efforts and thanked the Baltimore County Police Department, Baltimore County Police Department, Howard County Police Department, and support for the ICE enforcement removal operation. Lenzner thanked Mary Setzer, an assistant US prosecutor for prosecuting the case.

For more information about the Maryland Federal Attorney’s Office, its priorities, and resources for trafficking victims, visit:

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Baltimore Man Facing Federal Charges for Sex Trafficking of a Minor | USAO-MD Source link Baltimore Man Facing Federal Charges for Sex Trafficking of a Minor | USAO-MD

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